Rediscovering Health & Happiness at Whole Body Fitness

Tyler Ceccato has lived in Chico his whole life. Similar to many Chicoeans, Tyler and his family always enjoyed being active outdoors. From hiking Upper Bidwell Park, to Stand Up Paddleboarding, to playing competitive sports such as running track, lacrosse, and wrestling, Tyler lived a very active and athletic lifestyle. In 2014, his whole world came crashing down when he was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle. This devastating accident changed Tyler's life forever.

The effects of the accident were nothing short of traumatic. When the paramedics, fire truck, and police arrived on the scene, they believed the high school senior wasn't going to be able to come back from it. After being in a coma for two days, 5 broken ribs, broken clavicle, broken scapula, broken collarbone, and suffering a traumatic brain injury, Tyler had survived.

No one would be able to prepare Tyler for what was in store for him for the next couple of years. From learning how to walk again, to working through a stressful settlement, Tyler was worried he would never enjoy life as he once did.

A Journey to Better Health

After 3 years of rehabilitation, Tyler was ready to take back his life. He had been searching for a way to help him gain back the mobility, muscle, and weight he had lost from the accident.  In January of this year, Tyler gave himself a goal to try Whole Body Fitness for 6 months to see how he could improve his strength.  Starting at 143 pounds, with hopes of being 165 pounds, and still coping with debilitating back pain, Tyler had his work cut out for him.

Once Tyler jumped into Whole Body Fitness, he was all in. He was dedicated to going 5 days a week working with trainers Taylor Catrett and Crystal Palmer, as well as following his customized nutrition plan working with Whole Body's in-house registered dietitian Kalyn Burnell. “Tyler was very consistent from the beginning, he was dedicated and focused on reaching his goal,” says Kalyn.

"I chose to go to Whole Body Fitness because they are educated in knowing the right movements so that you don't injure your body."

In the past, Tyler always tried to eat healthily, but he never focused on the timing of when to eat or what combination of foods would work best for his metabolism and body type. "As a cook, following my nutrition plan was easy. I enjoyed preparing my meals and the accountability their nutrition app provides. It was fun to check off each meal in my app after completion. I felt a sense of accomplishment because I knew my nutrition coach would be looking at them." said Tyler.

Mind Over Matter

Over the course of the first few months, Tyler was consistent but hadn't noticed any major changes in his body – until he took new images. Tyler was blown away by the differences he saw in his posture and muscle development, "I didn't think I had made that much progress, but after taking images it was really encouraging to see that just after only two months." said Tyler.

Although Tyler participates in Whole Body's group classes, he feels that his trainers Crystal and Taylor customize the movements and workouts to accommodate his body and goals. Tyler had a plethora of fitness centers to choose from in Chico when he was considering a new gym to go to, but education and knowledge about strength and conditioning were very important to him, especially since he was still experiencing severe back pain. "I chose to go to Whole Body Fitness because they are educated in knowing the right movements so that you don't injure your body." For Tyler, going to a place like Whole Body was critical for his success not only to surpass his injuries but also to enable him to feel better about himself. "The most important thing for me today is feeling good, and I've definitely accomplished my goal," says Tyler.

With a mental commitment to join Whole Body for 6 months and physical goal to gain more weight, Tyler has exceeded well beyond these objectives. "After experiencing Whole Body, I will never go anywhere else. The staff and trainers make you feel really great about yourself – we're like a family. There are all levels and it comes down to how hard you want to push yourself." says Tyler.

Today Tyler is no longer taking three Aleve to alleviate his back pain, he has gained 25 pounds, and more importantly, he feels the best he has ever left in his entire life.



My Whole Body Fitness Story: Shila Gramps

When Shila Gramps entered Whole Body Fitness eight months ago, she had been dieting most of her life. The mother of three remembers counting calories when she was just eight years old— “I lost weight and gained weight so many times it was ridiculous,” she admits. After years of failed crash diets and self-taught exercises, Shila wanted to get healthy the right way. She joined Whole Body Fitness to learn how to take care of her body through healthy and sustainable practices.

Starting is the Hardest Part

Though she states repeatedly that “starting is the hardest part,” Shila’s progress has required an incredible amount of determination. She attends Whole Body’s group exercise classes up to four times a week while balancing work and her children’s school schedules at the same time. She also meets weekly with Kalyn Burnell, Whole Body’s registered dietitian, to check in on her progress and make adjustments to her diet as needed.

During Shila’s first nutrition consultation, she and Kalyn looked at Shila’s eating and exercise habits and then constructed a diet strategy that fit Shila’s specific dietary needs and goals. “We are in constant communication with our clients to make sure they are feeling well and progressing at the rate they should,” states Kalyn. Whether the client’s goal is weight loss or building muscle, Whole Body’s staff is there to guide them every step of the way. “Shila’s progress has been so fun to see!” exclaims Kalyn. “She has made this a complete lifestyle change and has an amazing transformation.”

Committed to Healthy Living

And Shila agrees. She showed her commitment to healthy living just after joining when she deliberately purchased a three-sizes-too-small bridesmaid’s dress for a friend’s wedding. Though the sales clerk was skeptical and Shila’s young daughter told her it wouldn’t fit, Shila believed in herself. With only three months to change her lifestyle, Shila started to exercise regularly, cooked healthy large-batch meals for her family, and eliminated fast food from her diet. When the wedding came, Shila’s daughter was able to zip her into the bridesmaid dress.

It’s moments like this that demonstrate the importance of leading by example when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Since this significant accomplishment, Shila’s daughter joined her mom’s fitness classes and now loves completing the workouts with her mom by her side. Meanwhile, Shila catches her son eyeing her nutritious meals and sneaking green beans off her plate when he thinks she’s not looking.

There is Power is in The Results

Aside from the compliments that often accompany weight loss (which Shila writes down for future motivation—she approximates more than 100 so far), she remarks that her fitness journey has altered much more than her physical appearance. “Whenever I think about it, seven months ago I was so miserable,” she says. But now, “waking up is easier; going to bed is easier,” and she is treating her body right. Shila’s change didn’t happen overnight, she worked hard for it and that makes the results even more powerful.

5 Ways to Stick to Your Meal Plan

A certain level of dedication is required when striving to see fitness and nutrition results. In the case of nutrition this means committing to the process of meal prep, planning ahead for your week, designing a menu, making good choices at business meetings or long weekends at sporting events, and expecting the unexpected. Here are a few ways you to help you nail your MetPro nutrition plan.

1. Schedule a Meal Prep Day
Designating specific days for 1-3 hours of meal prep can save you hours cooking throughout the week. It also means you are not waiting until you are hungry to scramble to put together a meal.

Meal prep can be daunting at first, realizing what measurements are needed, knowing food combinations for each meal, etc. When you first begin meal prepping allow for extra time to make sure you are comfortable and accurate.

2. Design a Menu. Don’t Let Monotony Affect your Success!
Sometimes the options become overwhelming, or you are SO sick of chicken your eyeballs will fall out if you see it again. Designing a menu for the week makes you consider new combinations. For example sick of steamed broccoli and green beans at every meal? Try out a BBQ grilled bell pepper and zucchini blend?

3. Bring an Ice Chest
Remember: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Have a small ice chest along with you with pre-packed with your lunch and snacks! When the doctors appointment runs late or meetings at work take longer than expected you don’t miss a meal!  You live a busy life, don’t let unexpected events interfere with your meals!

4. Make Educated Choices
You have knowledge now. Even when you are eating off a menu, you have the tools to make decisions that will still support your efforts.  It is normal to want to still go out with your girlfriends, meet up with the guys after hoops, or attend weddings. The important thing to remember is you still can make good choices. Go for the vodka soda instead of the margarita; choose the grilled chicken and side of veggies instead of fish and chips.

5. Be Committed to your efforts
Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed of your choices and lifestyle. Giving into the peer pressure of drinks, appetizers, or tolerating comments like “oh she can’t eat that” is easy, staying committed to your efforts takes resolve.

Remember it is your life and you are making a responsible choice to live a healthy lifestyle. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Perhaps your commitment to your health and nutrition will inspire those around to make better choices as well.

My Whole Body Fitness Story: Trevor Leavell

If you push yourself, you start to see results—and then that pushes you further.

Trevor Leavell proves that fitness has no age requirement. The 17-year-old struggled with his weight throughout high school until deciding he needed a change. Last spring, his outlook began to shift: rather than assume that he would have time to correct his health in the coming years, he realized that his future might suffer from his unhealthy habits. “If I didn’t do it now, I’d be overweight for the rest of my life,” he thought. “There’s so much free time in high school; might as well utilize it.” And he has used his time wisely. Since Trevor turned to Whole Body Fitness for help, he has shed more than 45 pounds. Each day his goals continue to grow with confidence.

A Journey to Better Health

Before Trevor joined Whole Body Fitness, he was no stranger to weight loss tactics. “I exercised and went on diets before, but I never stuck with it,” he admits. He had played baseball when he was younger, but by high school, his insecurities kept him from staying active through sports—a vicious cycle that many people know well. When the teen decided to challenge himself one more time, he went all in. He began exercising daily, tracking his calorie intake, and eliminating unhealthy foods from his diet. Trevor did practically everything right—but after a few months, he noticed himself slowing down. “I figured I needed a change,” he says. “I didn’t have the willpower to push myself.”

That’s when he looked to Whole Body Fitness. Our personalized approach to health and fitness provided the structure and guidance that Trevor needed for lasting success. “Without their support, I honestly don’t think I would have made it this far,” he says. Not only did we aid Trevor with customized nutrition goals, but we also motivated him with judgment-free exercise classes that eliminated the self-consciousness that once restrained him. “When you’re at the gym, everyone is there to better themselves,” he realized. “I wish I had known that.”

Support and Perseverance

Our supportive environment helped Trevor recognize health as an ongoing lifestyle that extends beyond the gym. Like many people, Trevor admits to eating more when bored or out with friends, but with our nutrition program he has recognized the value of eating to fuel his body for energy, rather than unconscious or emotional eating. “[My trainer] Kevin told me that nutrition determines how much you weigh, and working out determines how it looks on you,” he says. While unhealthy foods aren’t out of the question, Trevor has found that success lies in dedication, moderation—and sometimes in friendship. Breaking free of junk food-filled afternoons, Trevor now pushes his friends outdoors so that health becomes a shared activity. And with new friends by his side, Trevor actually looks forward to working out.

Though he struggled in his first few weeks, he insists that determination pays off: “If you push yourself, you start to see results—and then that pushes you further.” With more energy and confidence than ever before, Trevor finds signs of his accomplishments every day. From being more comfortable when socializing to new physical developments. “I was pretty shy before,” he says, “but this gave me more confidence and social skills.”

A True Lifestyle Change

Setting his sights on a summer six-pack, Trevor proves his commitment to his lifestyle change every day, and he encourages others to do the same by ignoring the “mental barriers” that are holding them back. “I learned about my limits and how to push past what I thought I could do,” he says. The knowledge that Trevor learned from Whole Body Fitness are lessons that he will use for the rest of his life.

7 Survival Secrets for Summertime Shindigs

Summertime is the perfect season to get together with friends and family. Living your best life means participating in the things that make your heart sing without sacrificing your health. From traveling, dining al fresco, or celebrating with friends and family, you want to be conscious and prepared for when you are without your MetPro-approved meals.

Here are 7 quick tips to help you navigate summer shindigs:

  1. Buns are nice in swimsuits… but lettuce wraps are better for burgers.
  2. Reach for veggie sticks instead of potato chips
  3. Have unsweetened iced teas or water instead of Soda pop
  4. Watermelon = sugar juice. Pick berries.
  5. Heavy salad dressing and dips are for steakhouses. Get outside and use olive oil, lemon and vinaigrette's on salads
  6. Have your frozen plain Greek yogurt with berries in it, and eat it to.
  7. Go green. Smoothies are more colorful than milkshakes anyway.

Whole Body Fitness Strength & Conditioning Camp


Join Whole Body Fitness' very own Taylor Catrett in an upcoming Strength and Conditioning Camp at Whole Body Fitness from July 10th- August 11th! 

WHAT: All athletes and sports are welcome. This camp is for both Whole Body Fitness members and non-members. Taylor will start with basic strength-endurance training and gradually progress into power and explosive work with speed and agility intermixed.

DATE: July 10th - August 11, 2017

TIME: Mon./Weds./Fri. from 1:30 pm- 3:00 pm

WHO: Ages 13-18, open to both members & non-members

REGISTER: Enroll by contacting Taylor directly at, or by phone at 530-487-8123. 

Athletes will be trained with barbells and dumbbells with emphasis on proper movement and technique prior to any major loading. Mobility training will be included for flexibility of the body.

Learn From A Certified Coach & Experienced Athlete

Not only does Taylor have a Master's Degree from Sacramento State University, with an emphasis in Strength and Conditioning, but he also has been training in the fitness industry for 7+ years. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and USA Weightlifting Level I Coach with 2.5 years strength and conditioning experience at Division I colleges (San Jose State and Sacramento State).

To sign up, you may contact Taylor directly at, or by phone at 530-487-8123. 

4 Travel Tips For Your Summer Adventures

Summer is full of family fun, adventure, and time away from your kitchen and gym. Allow yourself to enjoy your vacation without completely going off the rails. It’s important to find the balance of embracing life while staying healthy. You’ve worked so hard to get where you are and you can have fun while still making good choices while traveling. Here are a few ways how you can travel smarter and healthier this summer!


1- Continue to Snack!
Don’t let your metabolism tank while you are busy exploring museums, lying on the beach, or riding that roller coaster!!  So when it is snack time or dinner is happening later than expected you will always be prepared.
Snacks that travel well:

• apples
• nuts
• jerky
• rice cakes

2- Be Active Wherever You Are!
Is there a beach at your doorstep? A hike with spectacular views? Go do it!  A lot of clients end up losing weight on vacation because they are on the go non-stop. Hiking, paddle boarding, walking on the beach. This list is endless! Make the workout happen and capitalize on getting your sweat on with a new view!

3- Get On-The-Go Workouts From Your Trainer!
Let your trainer know when you will be gone, how much time you will have to workout, and what equipment you will have access to. Continue your routine even if on vacation! I’ve had clients go on cruises, to cabins, or stay in hotels and get at least 1-2 workouts in while they’re gone because they planned ahead.  It’s easy for your trainer to text or email a full routine. It’s better if done ahead of time so you can ask questions about the workout before you go!

4 -Use What You Have
No gym? No Hikes? Body weight, a wall, and the floor are all you need to get a great workout!
Example Workout- Set a timer for 15:00 and complete as many rounds as possible:

• 1:00 plank
• 1:00 wall sit elbow touches
• 10 push-ups
• 20 wall triceps press
• 30 air squats

No matter where you’re off to this summer, we’re here to help! Part of making positive changes in your health is making an effort to fit healthy eating and exercise into your daily routine. At home and on the go, is part of that lifestyle shift. Let’s make this your healthiest summer yet!

Sweating for the Wedding: 5 Strength Exercises to Get You Wedding Ready

5 Strength Exercises to Get You Wedding Dress Ready

Now that you’re engaged and the wedding planning is in full swing, more than ever it's important that you maintain your health. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or just feel your best on your wedding day, we have comprised a guide of 5 basic strength exercises to help get you and your fiancé get wedding ready!

Similar to the wedding planning process, deciding on a weight loss strategy to prepare for your wedding day can be overwhelming. We find that a combination of a clean and nutritious diet paired with incorporating five simple moves – plank, pull, squat, push, lunge – into your workout plan is a great start to working your entire body effectively.

1. Plank

Whole Body Fitness plank

A plank is a ramrod straight top-of-a-pushup position, usually done on your elbows and held for time. Think you’re straight enough? Get in front of a mirror and you’ll see your hips are too high. Now squeeze your belly and hold it. 30 seconds too easy? Try it with one leg lifted. Still easy? Lift the opposite arm as well.

2. Pull

Whole Body Fitness Pull

A pull is a move where you take hold of something and pull it towards your chest or abdomen: a row. A pull-down, a pull-up or chin-up. Often neglected, these moves — especially row variations — are a major key to improving posture and keeping your upper body strong.

3. Squat

Whole Body Fitness Squat

A squat is a squat is a squat. Gym class-style, bodyweight only, is fine. Just make sure you drop down to a point where the tops of your thighs are parallel with the floor. Do it holding two dumbbells. Do it with a jump at the top. Then with a barbell on your shoulders, in front or behind your head. Good form is imperative.

4. Push

Whole Body Fitness Press

A push is anything where you... wait for it... push something away from you! Take two dumbbells overhead or one barbell while lying on your back — aka the bench press. Or the ultra-beneficial pushup. Can't do a full push-up yet? Start with modified push-ups on your knees and work your way up.

5. Lunge

Whole Body Fitness Lunge

A lunge is a lot like a squat, only your feet are in a staggered position, one in front of the other. Do them walking, or with your feet planted, or holding light dumbbells. Don’t let your front knee buckle inward. Keep your form tight.

Adding these 5 simple moves into your weekly workouts will help you get wedding dress ready in no time. If you are looking for more assistance and want the whole package – workouts, nutrition, and a support team cheering you on – let us know. We will be there to help you look and feel your best before your walk down the aisle!

Get to Know WBF: Meet Kelli Sinclair

At Whole Body Fitness, we are more like family. We thought it would be fun for you to get to know your trainers and our staff better, so we are starting a series entitled "Get to Know WBF".

Over the past couple of months, you might have noticed a new face greeting you at the front desk – Meet Kelli Sinclair.

Kelli grew up in Willows, a farm town surrounded by orchards and rice fields. As a kid, she loved playing sports, especially volleyball and softball. Originally when Kelli started college, she wanted to be a lawyer, but after losing her Dad to Cancer, her career plans took a detour.

When her dad was diagnosed with Cancer, the doctors told him very generically, “to eat healthy.”  What did that even mean?  Not knowing much about nutrition, and not having much direction from the doctors, he didn’t really know how to do that. Kelli decided to make it her mission to help people, and the best way for her to do that was through nutrition. Kelli went on to graduate from California State University, Chico with a Bachelor’s degree in Food Nutrition and Communication. From there, she married the love of her life, Brian, and now they have an amazing, and very active, 2-year-old son named Brady.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Kelli:

1. How long have you worked at WBF?

    I started in the middle of October 2016.

2. What is your favorite part of working at WBF?

    My co-workers and the clients.  The people I work with make my job, and coming to work enjoyable, which isn’t a luxury most people have.  I also love getting to know clients, and watch them grow and learn through their transformation.

3. What is your go-to workout move?

    Reverse crunch and dead bugs

4. If you could have a cheat day meal, what would it be?

    While I would like some homemade pizza, I would love some good ice cream, cake, and chocolate even more :).

5. When you're not working, what can we find you doing?

    Spending time outdoors with my husband, Brian, and my 2 year old son, Brady.

6. What are your top 3 songs to workout to?

    I love most music, especially country, but the ones that come to mind first are:

  1. Hold my home by Cold War Kids

  2. Ride with me by Nelly

  3. In the end by Black Veil Brides

7. If you were a "Workout of the Day"(WOD), what workout would you be?

    Anything that worked out my abs and lower body.

8. What is your guilty pleasure?

    Chocolate and watching Big Brother

9. What is your favorite thing about Chico?

    I love the atmosphere and the people.  It’s a town with many different types of people, and cultures, but still has the small town vibe.

10. If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be and why?

    If I could have dinner with anyone, it would by my dad.  I was a daddy’s girl growing up, and when I was 19 he passed away.  I would love to be able to have dinner with him and tell him about his grandson, my husband, and everything that’s happened in my life since I was 19.

Now that you know a little more about Kelli, next time you're in the gym don't hesitate to tell Kelli hello and introduce yourself.




Client Success: Greg and Barbara Overton

Client Succes_Greg & Barbara Overton.png


March 3rd, 2016 was a day that turned Barbara Overton’s life around forever. Barbara had planned 3 days of skiing in the Colorado mountains with her family... or so she thought.

Here Barbara was 56 years young, in good health and suddenly found herself in intensive care with a heart attack. This would be the first of two heart attacks she would experience in the same month. Barbara did not have a typical heart attack but a Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD) heart attack, an emergency condition that occurs when a tear forms in a blood vessel in the heart.

After being released from the hospital, Barbara was told she had to go through cardiac rehab. She eagerly searched for somewhere that would not only get her heart back in shape but also the rest of her body. A good friend of the family had success from their time at Whole Body Fitness, and Barbara was impressed by their results. “I thought I would give it a try and convinced the hubby to go with me, he could use a little shaping up also!” said Barbara.


A Journey Back to Health

And so, Barbara and her husband Greg Overton began their journey back to health. They first met with Natalie their nutritionist and were blown away by the diet program. Barbara loved how encouraging Natalie was and all of the advice she gave along the way. The couple felt that the program was very easy to maneuver through and had everything they needed to keep on track. Greg loved that when he had questions about the different phases, Natalie was there to help him every step of the way. “For me, the plan incorporates the right amount of food intake, so you don’t feel like you’re always hungry,” said Greg.

Next, Barbara and Greg met with their trainer – Taylor C. “I have never had a personal trainer before, so I was not sure what to expect.” mentioned Barbara. Waking up at 4 am and going to exercise was not Barbara's idea of fun, let alone convincing her husband to get on board. Barbara soon became inspired by how Taylor went above and beyond to help her get where she is today. He convinced her that you are never “too old” to get in shape. “He is always concerned about my heart and not overdoing it. He is always telling me to do what I can but also pushing me at the same time. I absolutely love working with Taylor C!”

The couple also really enjoyed the group of people that they worked out with, and how the program was more personalized due to the size of the group.

“The best part about this program is getting a whole new wardrobe and the double take from people when they see my results! I even had one person ask me if I was terminally ill because of my weight loss! Love it!” – Barbara Overton


The Goals

Barbara is a manager at a very fast-paced processing facility that has a lot of ups and downs, and at times is a very stressful job. This program has helped her focus more on her health and realize that being healthy and taking care of herself will help her manage her everyday life much better. “I have a better attitude and as my kids put it. I have learned to just relax and take time for me,” says Barbara.

Greg is an Almond Farmer, and like all Farmers, he is up very early. He loved how the 5:30 am class gets your body ramped up for the day's job ahead. “I had seen first hand at how successful the program worked for two family friends. My goal of reducing body fat, and increasing mobility have come true not like other programs I have tried,” says Greg.

“I have recommended this program to my brother and his wife. In fact the whole family is now going to WBF and the MetPro program!” – Greg Overton


The Challenges

For Barbara, the most challenging part of this program was sticking to it. “I have to say my wife made me do this class with her! Without my support, she would not have done this program. She is famous for starting something and not finishing it.” says Greg.

Barbara can’t thank her husband enough for being her driving force in all of this.


The Results

Today, Barbara has lost a total of 20 lbs and feels great! “I would and have recommended this program to family and friends as now most of Greg’s family is in the program today. They have seen the awesome results that Greg and I have accomplished and now know that they can also get there! Family and friends are amazed at how better we look and feel!” exclaims Barbara.

For Greg, he has lost a total of 37 lbs, has increased his flexibility and also feels great!

“Working with Taylor C our trainer is great. He is so informative. He helps you with solutions to correct problems in your posture or old injuries that I had acquired. He makes the class fun and challenging at the same time, while you rediscover those lost muscle groups.” explains Greg.

We are so proud of Greg and Barbara's success, and can't wait to see them continue to work toward a healthier lifestyle! Keep up the good work Greg and Barbara!


Client Success: Matt and Kelly Hock

We love hearing our client’s success stories. We recently had the opportunity to visit with Matt and Kelly Hock who have been with us since August 2015. Both have made amazing transformations!

When asked why they chose Whole Body Fitness they had this to say:

“We really liked the approach of having our posture analyzed and having a trainer work closely with us giving us feedback and correcting our movements.  Also the nutrition plan was something we were looking for.  We ate healthy before but understanding portion and how the metabolism works was something that was fascinating to us and to see our bodies respond in a positive way helped us have confidence that the decision was the right one.”

Matt’s goal was to lose 20-25lbs and Kelly wanted to tone up and change her overall composition. The results: Matt was able to lose 30lbs and is now the weight he was in college. Kelly was able to tone up and both are very pleased with the results.

Matt enjoyed working with his coach Kevin. “Whenever I worked out before my back/hips would flare up and cause pain.  This would limit my workouts and I would quit because of the pain and try to figure out by myself what was going on.  Kevin was quick to assess my limitations and ailments and taught me how my body and muscles work.  Through the use of lacrosse balls, blocks and exercises I had tools to work on at home when my back/hips would flare up.  What I treated as skeletal issues (and it didn't work), Kevin treated with pinpoint accuracy with exercises and we have had great success.”

Kelly really enjoyed her coach, Joel, loving the custom programs he was able to put together to help her reach her goals.

Both also followed our signature nutrition program, MetPro, and attribute their success to having this tool along with the exercise:

“Having our workouts coincide with our training was a plus but our favorite part was that we had something to do together.  We are busy people and lunches are usually out and about or in meetings.  With MetPro we were able to cook together on Sunday and Wednesdays and pack those lunches to eat during the week.  Being disciplined with our food carried over to being disciplined in other areas of our life, that was an added bonus we didn't anticipate.”

Matt is the Area Director for Young Life in Butte County and Kelly is the Owner of North Bloom Floral Design Studio.  “Incorporating MetPro into our daily life was easy as we packed lunches or, if we needed to be away at a Conference, we brought snacks that could get us through our snack time. We knew how much food to eat at the meals because we had been diligent about weighing our food and we had a good idea how much a portion should be.”

Both found that having the support of another person while on the program attributed to their success.  Matt set the goal of getting below 200lbs and was able to do this and maintain his new weight with the help of his MetPro coach and regular workouts.

When asked if they would recommend this program to their friends and family they had this to say:

“Yes! It works and it isn't some crazy cleanse that isn't realistic of long lasting.  There is no reason why we can't stay on MetPro the rest of our life. “

Are you ready to make a change? Give us a call today and schedule your free consultation! 

Life On Shuffle

Every morning I get in the car to go to work at Whole Body Fitness and the first thing I do is plug in my iPhone to hear some good music on my commute. The coolest thing happened to me the other day when I plugged my phone in: during the software update I must have accidentally switched the music play mode to SHUFFLE.

Instead of the same playlist that I am used to hearing over the course of the last few months, with the same songs, the same mood being set, I heard selections that I haven't listened to since I don't know when. I was instantly struck by the contrast in my morning routine and was refreshed by the realization that I had been in a RUT.

That’s the first step to getting out of a RUT or, for that matter, making any kind of change. We have to recognize where we are at before we can set a course for change or behavior modification. I am speaking to all of you creatures of habit out there.

Variety is the spice of life-no? “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!” Insert fifteen more quotes here about the importance of variance in life……

Here is where my Life on Shuffle relates to your health and wellness-

As the seasons change and the weather plays its usual winter-spring-summer games with our climate, I encourage you to shake it up a bit. Work on an area of health and wellness that is NOT your strong suit. Here are a few common areas that most folks can improve in:

Flexibility- Do you stretch your hamstrings, shoulders, and neck often enough to maintain proper posture and range of motion? If not, get to it! Come to one of our group classes at WBF that focuses on these areas.
Cardiovascular Endurance- When was the last time you broke a sweat in steady state exercise? If the answer is longer than a few days, get to it! Again, come to one of our group classes. We are constantly building new classes into our schedule to meet the needs of our members.
Body Composition- Meal prep and quality nutritional coaching are the way to get your body fat down and keep it there. Metabolic Profiling is a sure fire way to reach your body composition goals, come in to speak with Natalie or Stephanie ASAP. Swimsuit season is around the corner!

Now take a good look at your “playlist” of health and wellness activities and hit SHUFFLE. You will enjoy the variety and your mind and body will thank you for your new groove.

Attitude is Everything

Is your mind right? What is that one thought that keeps circling in your consciousness? Let me make a suggestion:

You can do it. Better yet, I can do it.

A few months ago Crystal wrote an article about Self Talk and it hit home with several people that I consider influential to my life. A few of those folks are trainers here at Whole Body Fitness. Echoes of their encouragement float through the gym like the sweet-sweet scent of hard work, as I prepare myself for my own workout and that has me PUMPED for my “Me Time”.

In that moment I recognized that I have eaten a healthy meal the night before, packed my meals in the morning, and took a gloriously warm shower to start my day. I am filled with gratitude as I hear myself reflecting on the past 24 hours. It strikes me that my preparation for this workout started with a simple decision I made Sunday afternoon; I chose to turn off Netflix and make a weeks’ worth of healthy breakfasts. 

In that moment it was affirmed that a positive thought (I can do this, not that) carried momentum forward into the preparedness of my workout. Good decisions stacked upon good decisions had prepared me to continue actions that lead towards habit. It is for this reason that I suggest monitoring your thoughts in order to set small mental goals that will eventually “ripple” towards actions that will help you build character in the form of physical, mental, and emotional strength.

Start here. Start now. YOU CAN DO IT!

Misinformation in the Health and Wellness Industry

Where did THAT come from?
Addressing misinformation in the Health and Wellness Industry

Here at Whole Body Fitness we have heard it all! Eat this not that, cardio makes you fat, eggs are bad for you, eggs are good for you, stretching is bad for you, and my all-time favorite:

“I am a lady and I don’t want to bulk up by lifting weights. I just don't want to get too bulky.”

Helping clients sift through the onslaught of information that is poorly presented, poorly researched, or learned out of context has become one of the key components of ensuring that a client sets appropriate expectations as they kick start their health and wellness improvement process.

Let’s call it like it is: most people get their health and wellness information through WebMd, Facebook posts, sound bites on the news, blogs, or through conversations with self proclaimed fitness specialists. The challenging part about hearing the content from these well-intentioned sources(second hand) is that the information that they are sharing is generally a half truth or its effectiveness depends on detailed variabilities amongst the population.

Eggs are not bad for everyone, nor are they good for everyone. Women come with varying amounts of testosterone, the more testosterone you have the more likely you are to add muscle mass and more quickly. Stretching effects performance of premier athletes in a specific motion(the bench press) and is generally understood to be productive for the average population.

The bottom line is simply this: ask more than surface level questions before you take information as THE ULTIMATE TRUTH. If the person that is sharing the information is truly knowledgeable about the subject, they will welcome your inquisitive nature in that it will validate their intention for sharing in the first place. Be wary of the “because I said so” crowd or the person that will not quote their source. Even those that DO quote their source will have some answering to do when it comes to how they understand and interpret research articles.

At Whole Body Fitness, we let our experience and our results do the talking for us. Having dieted thousands of individuals over the past decade, we have come up with our own conclusions on what will and what won’t work in your health and wellness routine. At Whole Body Fitness, the proof is in the pudding(which is healthy for you according to WebMd).


Toes to Nose

At Whole Body Fitness we do things differently. We literally train your whole body in ways that may seem simple to the untrained eye. In this article I am going to use an exercise that seems SO SIMPLE and yet is crucially important to training your entire body from where the rubber meets the road. Today I want to look at foot and ankle care through the “Ankle Circle”.

A staple in the WBF exercise catalog, the Ankle Circle involves dozens of muscles that effect your balance, your ability to walk, your ability to jump, and your ability to travel laterally. For all of you movement nerds out there(like me), the ankle circle effects the Posterior Chain of muscles that starts on the underside of your big toe and ends at the base of your skull.

Did you know that the muscles on the bottom of your foot can effect your lower spine? Did you know that the muscles on the front of your shin can effect your hip? Here comes your favorite existential quote- “It’s all connected!”.

By making sure that we warm up, challenge, and integrate the muscles around your ankles, we are literally training you from Toes to Nose. Can you say that about your current exercise program? If not, come check out how and why we do things differently here at Whole Body Fitness. If so, focus on the slow, smooth circle of your ankle and be grateful that you have the awareness it takes to keep all of the connected areas of your body working harmoniously towards efficient, pain free movement. Now, go do some ankle circles!

Client Success Tips: Debbie


Debbie recently premiered her wonderful transformation at Whole Body Fitness. Previously gyms intimidated her, she hadn’t been successful at sticking to exercise. Initially coming to WBF, Debbie felt embarrassed by her weight and poor fitness level; she committed herself to 3 months of “sticking with it”. In talking to her trainer, Kevin, about goal setting she expressed her desire to be a healthy fit grandmother. What she quickly discovered was she was losing weight easily, getting noticeably stronger every week.

“When Debbie was training to ride the 50 mile race up mountains (a bike race over table mountain) in September” says Kevin, “ Debbie has consistently impressed me with her ability to take things one step at a time and held true to one of the first things she said ‘I’m a worker bee’ and she does everything and anything I ask of her. She is willing to do whatever it takes to reach her next step. Takes things one step at a time willing to work towards her goals.”

She made a true lifestyle change from couch.

When I caught up with Debbie she was thankful she held true to her goal and was grateful her trainer gave her the knowledge to exceed her own expectations. I asked Debbie to share what guided her along her journey. Here are some tips that she found helpful!

Thank you for sharing, we are all so proud of you Debbie!

•   Positive Self Talk  I would tell myself both in training and bike riding“every time I do this I get stronger” Because of the expertise of my trainer, it was the truth. I'm lifting weights I would never have dreamed I could lift.

•   Give Yourself Permission When I was training to ride the 50 mile race up mountains I would give myself permission to stop. I would tell myself " just get to that tree, or to that stop sign etc. and I can turn around if I need to". Well I never turned around and every time I rode I got better.

•   Make it a Lifestyle I had previously dieted many times and had a pattern of gaining the weight back. The difference for me was viewing MetPro was a lifestyle change, which meant it took some adjusting. Which leads to my next tip….

•   Lose the ALL or NOTHING Mentality At first when I struggled staying on the diet my trainer would tell me it doesn't matter if I cheated and to just get back on track. That really helped me reset my all or nothing way of thinking. Funny but once I wasn't so worried about never cheating I found I didn't really want to cheat as often. Now when I do eat something I shouldn't it’s easy for me to go back to eating right.

•   Be Prepared I always pack my food for the weekdays. I have every meal and snacks planned out and take it to work on Monday for the whole week. Most of it is stored in my office with just a few things that need to be refrigerated

•   Never Let Yourself Get Hungry Always have a backup plan in your car, gym bag, or at work. I never let myself get hungry because that's when I make bad decisions about what to eat. I have prepackaged snacks that I can grab and go if I have to.

•   Don’t Lose Sight of Your Goal Remember why you began in the first place. When I wanted to quit I thought about my goal to be a healthy, strong grandmother. Because of the expertise of my trainer Kevin, I'm lifting weights I would never have dreamed I could lift.

•   Trust Your Team Surrounding myself with a positive support system and, most importantly, people who have the expertise to help me reach my goals was great. But I found success because I  truly trusted my team;  my trainer, my nutritionist and following the plan led to results that surpassed my expectations.

View Debbie's Video Transformation Here!

Improve Your Desk Posture

You owe it to yourself to take breaks for posture, so many benefits! Equally true is that performing daily tasks that encourage bad posture can lead to several negative effects on the mind and body. Long hours seated at a desk staring at a computer or driving causes some negative posture. Loosely speaking, shoulders rounded with rounded back and head forward. Technically speaking; lengthened rhomboids, tight pecs, traps, and cervical spinal erectors.

Good posture affects so much more than just standing taller.  

•   Optimizes breathing

•   Alleviates back pain

•   Increases self confidence

•   Affects how people view your self confidence

•   Increases core strength

•   Increases metabolism

•   Lowers cortisol levels

•   Increases testosterone levels

•   Improves core strength

In order to counter the multitude of hours that we sit, work, drive, stare at a computer, and text, doing our posture daily is crucial. To achieve that positive posture we need to awaken these muscles that are taking a vacation while we are hard at work. We can accomplish that by engaging rhomboids to support the upright torso and pull shoulders and head back, engaging glutes to counter tight hip flexors from sitting, and get the scapula moving!

Below is a short posture routine you don’t even need to take your bum out of your seat to do! Our focus is on NO EXCUSES!

Also try to enable a 20/20/20 rule in your workday. Every 20 minutes take a 20 second break and look at something 20ft away from your computer screen.

3-Minute Posture Break

Shoulder Rolls:  10 forward 10 back

Elbow Touches: 20

Foot Circles: 10 in each direction (internal, external, point and flex)

Arm Circles: 20 forward 20 backwards

Active Military: 10

Gluteal Contractions: 20

Seated Hip Stretch: 20 seconds per leg

Note: While many of the linked videos are done in the standing or lying positions, they can also all be done in the seated position.


4 Tips to Better Desk Posture

1. EYES Computer screen should be just below eye level and 18-24 inches away.

2. ARMS Forearms should comfortably rest on desktop, no shrugging of shoulders or arching of wrists to reach for the keyboard.

3. BACK Lumbar support chair, with 2degree tilt forward ensuring back of thigh isn't on chair edg

4. FEET Thighs parallel with floor and shins perpendicular to floor ensuring flat feet on the ground!


You, Inc.: A Practical Guide for Setting Fitness Goals

Want solid returns on your fitness investment in the new year? Get down to business — with a smart, strategic plan worthy of an MBA.

In business, planning is paramount. Whether lining up logistics, attending strategy meetings or digesting quarterly reports, savvy executives treat time as an ally, surveying the past for clear-eyed lessons about what worked and what didn’t, and looking forward for a chance to do it better next time.

At the gym, planning is too often an afterthought. Many of the same ambitious, practical people who divide their workdays into five-minute time blocks may amble aimlessly through their workouts like an office temp without a supervisor. They don’t know what tasks to perform, when to perform them or how to gauge success from day to day, let alone next week, next month or next year. “Most people never really get focused about fitness,” says Mike Robertson, MS, CSCS, co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training in Indianapolis. “They switch programs every few days or not at all. They miss workouts for weeks at a time.”
As a result, no matter how earnest our intentions, many of us miss the mark. Not for lack of trying, but because we don’t have a winning blueprint or a strategy. “It’s only when you focus on one or two well-defined goals and follow a clear plan to accomplish them that you start to make real progress,” Robertson says.
Robertson, along with many other leading trainers, is articulating a fitness truth grounded in the basic tenets of business: If you want to accomplish any complex, challenging objective, you have to set clear goals, approach each of your hurdles systematically, routinely assess progress, and course-correct when necessary.
“When you go to the office, you don’t just show up and putter around. You go in with a plan, a series of tasks oriented toward a long-term goal,” says Chicago-based personal trainer Jim Karas, author of The Business Plan for the Body (Three Rivers Press, 2001) and The Petite Advantage Diet (HarperOne, 2013). “That’s how you should approach your fitness program as well.”
The payoff? If you walk through the gym doors armed with a solid strategy like the one outlined on the following pages, you’ll not only leave feeling satisfied with your efforts, you’ll also find yourself looking forward to moving your fitness game plan forward — week by week, month by month.

The best part: You’ll get the benefits of working for the world’s best boss. You.


Just as Ben and Jerry probably would have blown a gasket building computer software, and Bill Gates might have imploded dishing up ice cream, your fitness plans will most likely fizzle if you try to follow someone else’s dream or template. You need a big-picture approach that matches your interests, goals, lifestyle and passions.
The first step along the fitness path, then, is to create a fitness mission statement. What, exactly, do you want to accomplish, both in the short term (up to three months from now) and in the long term (a year or more from now)?

“Figuring out where you want to go with your fitness is hugely significant,” says Jolie Kobrinsky, CEO of and co-owner of Prime Personal Training in Monterey, Calif. “You’re taking a vague inkling and making it concrete.”

Your vision can be athletic, aesthetic or both: You can set your sights on running a half-marathon or losing 25 pounds, earning a black belt or gaining slabs of lean muscle. You can choose almost anything, but it’s essential that you choose something, since the mission statement is your road map for success. It’s the “true north” toward which every workout, meal, food choice and recovery session should ultimately lead.

To get started on the process, think “S.M.A.R.T.” — a goal-setting acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. In the business world, those are the goal-definition standards that help executives set well-defined agendas.
For instance, “getting fit” is a commendable ambition, but it’s vague. Fit in what way, and by when? You’ll have a better shot succeeding if you aim for a clear and achievable target, like losing a belt size by summer or attending a fitness class twice a week for the next six weeks.

The other thing your mission statement needs is passion. What gets you excited? What are you fired up to accomplish, learn or participate in? If you’ve always wanted to dance the tango, learn to fence competitively or complete a mud-strewn adventure race, find out what sort of regimen is required and get to it.
“What you want in any fitness program,” says Robertson, “is skin in the game.” If you can’t come up with a substantial list of reasons why you want to realize a given goal, choose something else that pushes your buttons right now. In business, passion drives profits; in the gym, it drives progress.


Once your mission statement is in ink (or stored on your hard drive), take some time to clearly look at your assets and liabilities: What do you have going for yourself, and where are you now, relative to where you want to be?

If you’re trying to change the way you look, take a “before” photo. If you want to finish stronger in your next 5K, use your heart-rate monitor’s stopwatch function on your next run and get a baseline. If you want to deadlift 300 pounds, get a clear sense of what your muscles can heft now.

While taking stock, consider not only your present physical condition but also what has worked for you historically. “A lot of answers can be found in your past,” says Linda Spangle, RN, MA, author of 100 Days of Weight Loss: The Secret to Being Successful on Any Diet Plan (Thomas Nelson, 2007). So reflect on those periods when you’ve found success and enjoyment in your pursuit of fitness: Was it the era when you hit the gym every day before work? When you played on a team, worked out with a partner, trained for a competitive event?

It’s also wise to take inventory of any recurring injuries, pain and other functional limitations that might hold you back. Some of these problems might be obvious; others (like stiff hips or a tight back) might not be as evident, which is why doing an initial evaluation with a professional trainer can ultimately save you time and unnecessary setbacks. It can help you identify and remove any physical barriers to progress. “If a new client has movement or postural issues,” says Robertson, “I’d rather address that at the outset, before we jump into intense training.”

Finally, take stock of your available resources, including time, equipment and personnel: When do you have time to work out and prepare meals? Where can you find the necessary equipment? Do you need the support of a group, professional trainer or healthcare practitioner to help you get there? If so, who are those people and when can you see them?

At this stage, Karas also recommends that you “go public” with your goal: “Get your family and friends on board,” he says. That way they’ll do things like “bring you something healthy on your birthday instead of a triple-mocha cheesecake.”


“The world gets out of the way for a man — or woman — with a plan,” says Karas, whose client list includes a host of Chicago’s most successful CEOs, plus celebrities like Diane Sawyer and Hugh Jackman. Just as a chief executive has to keep an eye on both short- and long-term goals, you need to think about daily to-dos and the big picture to make serious strides in your fitness objectives.
Whether you get the help of a pro at this stage or go it alone, always strive to break larger fitness goals into several smaller, more manageable bits. If you plan to do a triathlon this summer, start increasing your swim, bike and run distances now. If you’re trying to lose 20 pounds in 20 weeks, focus on dropping 5 pounds in five weeks.
A well-constructed fitness program is systematically progressive: You’ll gradually lift a little more, run a little farther or learn more skills over the course of time.
Remember, though, that progress is never completely linear. Improvement in any physical endeavor resembles the stock market during a bullish period: a general trend upward with peaks and troughs appearing throughout. So it’s not important that you set a personal record every time you work out, just that over the long haul you get closer to achieving the objectives outlined in your mission statement.
As with almost any truly fruitful investment, you want to take the long view, and keep your focus on working your plan, week in, week out.
Ignore the get-fit-quick schemers who promise instant, spectacular returns — the kind that almost always end in injury, regained weight, undermined health or loss of interest.

“Too many people approach their fitness plan looking for the quick and easy payoff,” says Karas. “But the best results come when you’re slow and steady. Don’t be Bernie Madoff; be Warren Buffett.”

Remember, too, that a well-thought-out plan includes not just what to do in the gym, but also the smaller, behavioral strategies that make getting to (and through) your workout as easy as possible. “You want to remove the obstacles,” says Spangle. “I call it figuring out your ‘What It Takes’ list.”

For some people, that might mean laying out workout clothes the night before an early run or finding a gym that’s on the way home from work.

Elite-level ISSA trainer Angelo Poli, owner of Whole Body Fitness in Chico, Calif., requires his weight-loss clients to pack and carry an ice chest of food with them every day. “In my experience,” he says, “that’s the single action that makes the biggest difference for anyone trying to get and stay on a healthy eating plan.”


Ultimately, success in any health and fitness program depends on hard data: mileage logged, weight lifted, nutrition consumed. By keeping track of the relevant numbers in a journal, you can celebrate successes, pick apart setbacks, and course-correct as you go.

For instance, maybe you’re dropping unwanted weight but you’re also feeling listless and struggling to build strength or endurance. If you’re keeping a food journal and a workout log, you can use the information and make small tweaks to your program, adding a little food, swapping some cardio for strength training to see what happens. But unless you have a decent record of what you’ve changed and how, you’ll have no clue what really worked, or why.
If keeping a journal helps, try ways to make the data crunching an enjoyable exercise. Spangle’s clients employ stickers on a calendar to keep themselves on course: “At the end of every day, put a green sticker on the calendar if you’ve adhered to your nutrition and fitness plan, a yellow sticker if you made a few mistakes, and a red sticker if you fell off completely. For best results, no fewer than 19 out of every 20 of those stickers should be green.”
Often, even the act of keeping notes is enough to effect a behavior change.

“Just keeping a precise food journal, without even trying consciously to change anything, can make a huge difference in your diet,” Robertson says, “because it makes you think about what you’re doing.”

Think of it this way: If you’re at a party and faced with a big bowl of tortilla chips, you’re less likely to overindulge if you’re keeping track of every chip you pilfer.


Lack of time is one of the main reasons people cite for not exercising. They can’t see any way to fit a few hours a week of exercise into an already-crammed schedule. Generally, though, that’s bunk.

“When people tell me they don’t have time to work out,” says Robertson, “I’ll ask them for a daily schedule in which they account for every 15-minute chunk of time during waking hours. Most people don’t even have to fill it out before they realize their real problem is too much Facebook and TV.” By trading lower-value pastimes for top-priority self-care, he notes, most people stand to gain not just vitality, but also an enhanced sense of focus and self-respect.

How many minutes, hours and days you need to train also depends on the contents of your mission statement. For most people with general fitness-improvement and weight-loss goals, three hourlong workouts a week on nonconsecutive days, including some intensive interval training, does the trick, Poli says. “With those types of workouts, you’re combining cardiovascular training and strength work. You’ll stimulate your largest muscle fibers while deriving a huge cardiovascular benefit at the same time.”
If you have serious, sports-specific performance goals, you may need to commit more time. But contrary to popular belief, unless you’re training for an endurance event, long, slow cardio exercise generally isn’t necessary and may actually work against building muscle mass. “Muscle mass is your fitness capital,” says Karas. “You want to do everything you can to preserve it.”

When you are seriously strapped for time or low on energy, Spangle suggests the “10-Minute Solution”: “Tell yourself you’re just going to exercise for 10 minutes. Often, after 10 minutes you’ll have overcome your resistance and will want to keep going. But if you stop for the day at that point, that’s fine, too. Either way, you’ve been successful.”


In fitness, just as in business, you have to take stock at regular intervals. Once a quarter, either on your own or with a trainer, assess how you’re doing.

“Meeting a goal can be tremendously empowering,” says Kobrinsky. And periodic check-ins can spark a well-deserved mini-celebration.

Seeing that you’re falling short of a goal can be instructive as well. Was your plan itself ineffective? Was it too restrictive, time consuming and impossible to follow? Did work obligations, family stress or other distractions prevent you from fully committing to it? If so, don’t throw out the whole endeavor — simply rework your plan to better suit your current schedule and obligations.

“Perfectionism can be a real obstacle,” says Spangle. “People try to do these complex, time-consuming programs and decide that if they can’t follow them to the letter, they won’t follow them at all. It’s much better to be successful on a slightly less ambitious program.”

Whether you meet, exceed or fall a little shy of your fitness goals at any given time, it’s important to either recommit or thoughtfully reconsider your approach. Give some thought to what you most want to accomplish now, and how you might best be able to move toward that goal in the short term.

“After accomplishing a goal, most of my clients go through a doldrums period,” says Robertson. “They’re less fired up in the gym, less strict with their diet. That’s when I try to help them find something new that they’re excited about. If they’ve had a physique goal, for example, I try to get them to consider a performance goal.”

What’s important is that you keep your eyes on the prize, and your head in the game. When in doubt, go back to the mission statement that fired you up in the first place.

“Not every company can be Apple,” says Kobrinsky. “Just like not everyone will become an Olympic athlete. But companies that invest in quality, dependability and durability over the long haul typically find great success. By using that same strategic, committed approach to training, we can build great bodies, too.”


The first step toward accomplishing your health goals is to construct a mission statement — one that outlines who you are and where you want to go. Here are a few questions to get you started.

• What do I want to accomplish? (Compete in an adventure race, gain 10 pounds of muscle, cross-country ski competitively.

• By when do I want to accomplish this goal?

• Why do I want to accomplish this goal? (Try to list at least 10 reasons.)

• What are my physical strengths and abilities? (I’m flexible, have endurance, good coordination, solid strength, decent body confidence.)

• What activities do I enjoy? (Team sports, solo sports, endurance events, outdoor adventures.)

• What activities have been effective for me in the past? (Pilates, strength training, martial arts, dance.)

• What recurring injuries or pain do I have?

• How much time during a week can I dedicate to exercise? When can I fit in those workouts?

• Who can help me accomplish my goal? (Friends, family, coworkers, a support group, a professional trainer or coach.)

• What official events can mark my progression toward my long-term fitness goal? (Races, tournaments, competitions, group races or rides.)

• Five years from now, what would I like to have accomplished? How do I want my body to look, feel, perform?

• What will I need to keep track of in order to see progress? (Protein and veggie consumption, weight lifted, physical measurements, body-fat percentage, miles run or cycled.)

• What are some daily strategies I can incorporate to support my progress and overcome known obstacles?

By: Andrew Heffernan

7 Fall Food Essentials


Using foods in season are usually the healthiest way to shop for local fruits and vegetables. Harvest brings a bounty of crisp fruits, delicious roots, and vibrant squash. With fall flavor in full swing try fixing up a dish incorporating some of these ripe and plenty fruits and veggies!

1 Squash (winter/butternut)
• Harvest Season: October-February
• Health Benefits:  Omega-3 fatty acids source of vitamin A
• Try This: Cube squash, spray lightly with olive oil (try the
Misto). Season with cinnamon, minced ginger, salt, and pepper to desired taste. Bake at 400° for 25-30 minutes.

2 Sweet Potato
• Harvest Season: September-December
• Health Benefits: More nutritionally dense than a white potato. Good source of iron, vitamin A, and provides anti inflammatory benefits
• Try This: Oven roasted sweet potato wedges. Oven roasting will maintain more vitamins than boiling. Cut lengthwise, lightly spray with olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Spread evenly on a baking sheet, bake at 450° for 30 minutes or until soft, turning occasionally.

3 Pomegranate
• Harvest Season: August-December
• Health Benefits: higher antioxidant levels than red wine, vitamin C, folate.
• Try This: Add to cottage cheese, salad, or oatmeal for a tart pop of flavor and crunchy texture **Check with your MetPro coach for recommended usage depending on your current nutritional phase.

4 Brussel Sprouts
• Harvest Season: September - March
• Health Benefits:  Source of folate, iron, and ½ C equals more than daily recommended intake of vitamin K. High content of glucosinolates, a phytonutrient responsible for a variety of cancer-protective substances.
• Try this: Balsamic Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts. Season 1.5lbs halved brussel sprouts with salt pepper and Misto with olive oil. Roast at 400° for 20-30 minutes, until tender and browned. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar and toss.

5 Apples  
• Harvest Season: August - November
• Health Benefits: High in antioxidants and full of fiber.
• Try This: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal.  Bring 4 cups water to boil. Stir in 1C. Steel Cut oats, 1 C. peeled and chopped granny smith apples. When oats thicken, reduce heat, continue to cook until desired consistency, about 25-30 minutes. Add cinnamon and serve! 

6 Pears
• Harvest Season: August-February
• Health Benefits: Vitamin C, copper, 4g fiber/serving
• Try This: A delicious spinach, pear, pecan salad makes a yummy afternoon snack. 

7 Tangerines
• Harvest Season: November-April
• Health Benefits:  Good source of Vitamin C and beta-carotene.
• Try This: Juice them with oil, vinegar, and ginger for a delicious dressing.

Don't see your favorite fall food on the list?

Let us know your favorite fall food!  How do you use it in your kitchen?

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