3 Reasons Why You're Not Seeing Results


Do you feel as if you’re doing everything by the book, and yet you just aren’t seeing the results you are working so hard to achieve? The truth is, you’re not alone.

Americans spend more money on diet fads, dieting products, and weight loss surgery than anyone else in the world. We follow inaccurate advice such as carbohydrates are the enemy, or cutting calories is the only way to lose weight. It seems some people have cracked the code to losing weight, while the majority of us continue to play process of elimination while grasping onto anything that will yield results. We’re here to tell you there is no quick fix or one-size-fits-all approach to health and fitness. What we mean is, what will work for you, will not work exactly the same for someone else, and vice versa.

The key to sustainable weight loss is customization—integrating a customized meal plan and exercise routine that fits into your lifestyle and meets the goals you want to accomplish. In the following piece, we will discuss three reasons why the approach to health and fitness you are currently taking may not be yielding sustainable results:


1. You’re Eating Like Everyone Else

Your metabolism is a moving target. You can’t treat it the same way all the time. What works for John won’t necessarily work for Brad, and what worked for Brad last month may not work for him today. This is a HUGE reason most diets fail. So, why should you eat like someone else, and why should you eat the same all the time?

The answer is you shouldn’t—not if you want optimal results. At Whole Body Fitness, we use an integrated nutritional method that finally closes the door on cookie-cutter diets by providing an evaluation-based system for nutrition planning. Through the combination of knowledge from our in-house registered dietitian and our proprietary technology platform, we curate a specific nutrition strategy that fits your lifestyle needs as well as weight loss and health goals. In doing so, we are able to track and analyze your results and adapt your plan so that you are moving forward at all times.

2. Your Workouts Don’t Match Your Diet

The hardest part of selecting a diet and fitness plan is predicting what will work best for your body. Again, no two people are exactly alike (which may help explain why so many different— and sometimes contradictory—diet and fitness systems exist). Knowing your body type will allow you to address the specific obstacles you will face while working to reach your fitness goals. Once you know your body type, you can structure your nutrition and exercise plan to best suit your needs.

Our trainers at Whole Body Fitness have the expertise needed to formulate movements and exercises to match your weight loss goals. From strength building to posture and alignment, our trainers will work with you individually on a variety of movements that will never put you in a position that compromises form or injures your body. We believe implementing a customized approach that takes into account both your nutritional strategy and fitness routine is the only way to lose weight and keep weight off reliably, without experiencing the yo-yo dieting effect.

3. Your Body Has Adapted to Your Environment

At a certain point, your body adapts. This allows you to survive while increasing or decreasing the amount of food you eat. Without managing this response, permanent weight loss is almost impossible. Our registered dietitian and fitness trainers will work with you by providing effective workouts and up-to-the-minute feedback in order to make decisions about your day-to-day food intake and physical activity. We then give you the green light when you’re on the right track, and provide warning signals when your body isn’t responding optimally—all based on an evaluation of your results and no one else’s.

At Whole Body Fitness, we don't limit ourselves to just one approach. Each person responds a little differently. It's those differences we identify and evaluate for you to ensure your program is moving forward at all times.