Rediscovering Health & Happiness at Whole Body Fitness

Tyler Ceccato has lived in Chico his whole life. Similar to many Chicoeans, Tyler and his family always enjoyed being active outdoors. From hiking Upper Bidwell Park, to Stand Up Paddleboarding, to playing competitive sports such as running track, lacrosse, and wrestling, Tyler lived a very active and athletic lifestyle. In 2014, his whole world came crashing down when he was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle. This devastating accident changed Tyler's life forever.

The effects of the accident were nothing short of traumatic. When the paramedics, fire truck, and police arrived on the scene, they believed the high school senior wasn't going to be able to come back from it. After being in a coma for two days, 5 broken ribs, broken clavicle, broken scapula, broken collarbone, and suffering a traumatic brain injury, Tyler had survived.

No one would be able to prepare Tyler for what was in store for him for the next couple of years. From learning how to walk again, to working through a stressful settlement, Tyler was worried he would never enjoy life as he once did.

A Journey to Better Health

After 3 years of rehabilitation, Tyler was ready to take back his life. He had been searching for a way to help him gain back the mobility, muscle, and weight he had lost from the accident.  In January of this year, Tyler gave himself a goal to try Whole Body Fitness for 6 months to see how he could improve his strength.  Starting at 143 pounds, with hopes of being 165 pounds, and still coping with debilitating back pain, Tyler had his work cut out for him.

Once Tyler jumped into Whole Body Fitness, he was all in. He was dedicated to going 5 days a week working with trainers Taylor Catrett and Crystal Palmer, as well as following his customized nutrition plan working with Whole Body's in-house registered dietitian Kalyn Burnell. “Tyler was very consistent from the beginning, he was dedicated and focused on reaching his goal,” says Kalyn.

"I chose to go to Whole Body Fitness because they are educated in knowing the right movements so that you don't injure your body."

In the past, Tyler always tried to eat healthily, but he never focused on the timing of when to eat or what combination of foods would work best for his metabolism and body type. "As a cook, following my nutrition plan was easy. I enjoyed preparing my meals and the accountability their nutrition app provides. It was fun to check off each meal in my app after completion. I felt a sense of accomplishment because I knew my nutrition coach would be looking at them." said Tyler.

Mind Over Matter

Over the course of the first few months, Tyler was consistent but hadn't noticed any major changes in his body – until he took new images. Tyler was blown away by the differences he saw in his posture and muscle development, "I didn't think I had made that much progress, but after taking images it was really encouraging to see that just after only two months." said Tyler.

Although Tyler participates in Whole Body's group classes, he feels that his trainers Crystal and Taylor customize the movements and workouts to accommodate his body and goals. Tyler had a plethora of fitness centers to choose from in Chico when he was considering a new gym to go to, but education and knowledge about strength and conditioning were very important to him, especially since he was still experiencing severe back pain. "I chose to go to Whole Body Fitness because they are educated in knowing the right movements so that you don't injure your body." For Tyler, going to a place like Whole Body was critical for his success not only to surpass his injuries but also to enable him to feel better about himself. "The most important thing for me today is feeling good, and I've definitely accomplished my goal," says Tyler.

With a mental commitment to join Whole Body for 6 months and physical goal to gain more weight, Tyler has exceeded well beyond these objectives. "After experiencing Whole Body, I will never go anywhere else. The staff and trainers make you feel really great about yourself – we're like a family. There are all levels and it comes down to how hard you want to push yourself." says Tyler.

Today Tyler is no longer taking three Aleve to alleviate his back pain, he has gained 25 pounds, and more importantly, he feels the best he has ever left in his entire life.