Jose Bravo's Whole Body Fitness Transformation


When it comes to making healthy life choices, starting can be the hardest part. Sometimes all we need is a push in the right direction. When Jose Bravo’s doctor informed him that he either needed to start medication or change his diet to keep his blood pressure under control, the father of three received the wake-up call he needed. 

Jose promptly joined Whole Body Fitness in Chico and refused to let excuses stand in his way. Working around a demanding job (with little physical activity), and countless household duties, Jose stayed committed to the training center’s program and has the numbers to prove it. After three months with the program, he has dropped 35 pounds and lowered his blood pressure significantly. “It’s eye-opening to start something and see how it really does change your life,” says Jose. And now that he’s started, he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

It’s eye-opening to start something and see how it really does change your life
— Jose Bravo

While the journey hasn’t always been easy, Jose notes that more than just physical progress keeps him going—healthy eating benefits his day-to-day life in many other ways he hadn’t anticipated. Not only does he look good, but he feels good. “I was always a coffee drinker,” he explains, “but once things started to change in my body…I didn’t need coffee in the morning.” Working out wasn’t new to him, but learning how to improve his diet with proper nutrition made a significant difference. Jose says that he now notices when he eats unhealthy because he feels the negative effect on his body and mind. Even splurging on chocolate birthday cake left him feeling the damage the next day. “At this point, any little change that I choose to make will impact my weight and my whole body,” he adds.

The main obstacle in healthy living is discipline. Luckily, Jose has Kalyn Burnell, his Whole Body nutritionist, to keep him on track. The two meet regularly to discuss Jose’s progress and to make any adjustments to his specialized diet strategy. When they’re not talking in person, they have the ability to communicate through Whole Body’s unique nutrition app. “The app gives clients something very specific to look at, but it gives people options at the same time,” says Kalyn. Jose agrees. He says the app is “phenomenal” and keeps him accountable throughout the day by providing hourly reminders and easy building blocks for each meal—all personalized to his needs. Meanwhile, Kalyn can see Jose’s meals as he tracks them and is available to answer any questions he may have in real time.

Kalyn praises Jose for staying focused on his health even when he’s busy. “His transformation has been really fun to watch,” she says, describing the excitement of watching his numbers drop steadily lower. While Jose attributes some of his success to his support system at home, he also notes the power of making small changes: instead of eating out during meetings, he eats beforehand and orders coffee; instead of beer, he drinks sparkling water. His advice is to “keep it simple.” With an already busy household, too much change isn’t always a good thing. Kalyn has similar advice for anyone interested in changing their lifestyle. If a complete diet overhaul sounds intimidating, she suggests to focus on taking baby steps; look at one meal a day and think about how you might make it more nutritious. “One of the things that people need to understand is that success doesn’t come from what we do occasionally but from what we do consistently,” says Jose. “It’s about our choices on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour basis.” With the support and knowledge from Whole Body Fitness as his guide, those choices become easier every day.

Rediscovering Health & Happiness at Whole Body Fitness

Tyler Ceccato has lived in Chico his whole life. Similar to many Chicoeans, Tyler and his family always enjoyed being active outdoors. From hiking Upper Bidwell Park, to Stand Up Paddleboarding, to playing competitive sports such as running track, lacrosse, and wrestling, Tyler lived a very active and athletic lifestyle. In 2014, his whole world came crashing down when he was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle. This devastating accident changed Tyler's life forever.

The effects of the accident were nothing short of traumatic. When the paramedics, fire truck, and police arrived on the scene, they believed the high school senior wasn't going to be able to come back from it. After being in a coma for two days, 5 broken ribs, broken clavicle, broken scapula, broken collarbone, and suffering a traumatic brain injury, Tyler had survived.

No one would be able to prepare Tyler for what was in store for him for the next couple of years. From learning how to walk again, to working through a stressful settlement, Tyler was worried he would never enjoy life as he once did.

A Journey to Better Health

After 3 years of rehabilitation, Tyler was ready to take back his life. He had been searching for a way to help him gain back the mobility, muscle, and weight he had lost from the accident.  In January of this year, Tyler gave himself a goal to try Whole Body Fitness for 6 months to see how he could improve his strength.  Starting at 143 pounds, with hopes of being 165 pounds, and still coping with debilitating back pain, Tyler had his work cut out for him.

Once Tyler jumped into Whole Body Fitness, he was all in. He was dedicated to going 5 days a week working with trainers Taylor Catrett and Crystal Palmer, as well as following his customized nutrition plan working with Whole Body's in-house registered dietitian Kalyn Burnell. “Tyler was very consistent from the beginning, he was dedicated and focused on reaching his goal,” says Kalyn.

"I chose to go to Whole Body Fitness because they are educated in knowing the right movements so that you don't injure your body."

In the past, Tyler always tried to eat healthily, but he never focused on the timing of when to eat or what combination of foods would work best for his metabolism and body type. "As a cook, following my nutrition plan was easy. I enjoyed preparing my meals and the accountability their nutrition app provides. It was fun to check off each meal in my app after completion. I felt a sense of accomplishment because I knew my nutrition coach would be looking at them." said Tyler.

Mind Over Matter

Over the course of the first few months, Tyler was consistent but hadn't noticed any major changes in his body – until he took new images. Tyler was blown away by the differences he saw in his posture and muscle development, "I didn't think I had made that much progress, but after taking images it was really encouraging to see that just after only two months." said Tyler.

Although Tyler participates in Whole Body's group classes, he feels that his trainers Crystal and Taylor customize the movements and workouts to accommodate his body and goals. Tyler had a plethora of fitness centers to choose from in Chico when he was considering a new gym to go to, but education and knowledge about strength and conditioning were very important to him, especially since he was still experiencing severe back pain. "I chose to go to Whole Body Fitness because they are educated in knowing the right movements so that you don't injure your body." For Tyler, going to a place like Whole Body was critical for his success not only to surpass his injuries but also to enable him to feel better about himself. "The most important thing for me today is feeling good, and I've definitely accomplished my goal," says Tyler.

With a mental commitment to join Whole Body for 6 months and physical goal to gain more weight, Tyler has exceeded well beyond these objectives. "After experiencing Whole Body, I will never go anywhere else. The staff and trainers make you feel really great about yourself – we're like a family. There are all levels and it comes down to how hard you want to push yourself." says Tyler.

Today Tyler is no longer taking three Aleve to alleviate his back pain, he has gained 25 pounds, and more importantly, he feels the best he has ever left in his entire life.



My Whole Body Fitness Story: Trevor Leavell

If you push yourself, you start to see results—and then that pushes you further.

Trevor Leavell proves that fitness has no age requirement. The 17-year-old struggled with his weight throughout high school until deciding he needed a change. Last spring, his outlook began to shift: rather than assume that he would have time to correct his health in the coming years, he realized that his future might suffer from his unhealthy habits. “If I didn’t do it now, I’d be overweight for the rest of my life,” he thought. “There’s so much free time in high school; might as well utilize it.” And he has used his time wisely. Since Trevor turned to Whole Body Fitness for help, he has shed more than 45 pounds. Each day his goals continue to grow with confidence.

A Journey to Better Health

Before Trevor joined Whole Body Fitness, he was no stranger to weight loss tactics. “I exercised and went on diets before, but I never stuck with it,” he admits. He had played baseball when he was younger, but by high school, his insecurities kept him from staying active through sports—a vicious cycle that many people know well. When the teen decided to challenge himself one more time, he went all in. He began exercising daily, tracking his calorie intake, and eliminating unhealthy foods from his diet. Trevor did practically everything right—but after a few months, he noticed himself slowing down. “I figured I needed a change,” he says. “I didn’t have the willpower to push myself.”

That’s when he looked to Whole Body Fitness. Our personalized approach to health and fitness provided the structure and guidance that Trevor needed for lasting success. “Without their support, I honestly don’t think I would have made it this far,” he says. Not only did we aid Trevor with customized nutrition goals, but we also motivated him with judgment-free exercise classes that eliminated the self-consciousness that once restrained him. “When you’re at the gym, everyone is there to better themselves,” he realized. “I wish I had known that.”

Support and Perseverance

Our supportive environment helped Trevor recognize health as an ongoing lifestyle that extends beyond the gym. Like many people, Trevor admits to eating more when bored or out with friends, but with our nutrition program he has recognized the value of eating to fuel his body for energy, rather than unconscious or emotional eating. “[My trainer] Kevin told me that nutrition determines how much you weigh, and working out determines how it looks on you,” he says. While unhealthy foods aren’t out of the question, Trevor has found that success lies in dedication, moderation—and sometimes in friendship. Breaking free of junk food-filled afternoons, Trevor now pushes his friends outdoors so that health becomes a shared activity. And with new friends by his side, Trevor actually looks forward to working out.

Though he struggled in his first few weeks, he insists that determination pays off: “If you push yourself, you start to see results—and then that pushes you further.” With more energy and confidence than ever before, Trevor finds signs of his accomplishments every day. From being more comfortable when socializing to new physical developments. “I was pretty shy before,” he says, “but this gave me more confidence and social skills.”

A True Lifestyle Change

Setting his sights on a summer six-pack, Trevor proves his commitment to his lifestyle change every day, and he encourages others to do the same by ignoring the “mental barriers” that are holding them back. “I learned about my limits and how to push past what I thought I could do,” he says. The knowledge that Trevor learned from Whole Body Fitness are lessons that he will use for the rest of his life.

Client Success: Greg and Barbara Overton

Client Succes_Greg & Barbara Overton.png


March 3rd, 2016 was a day that turned Barbara Overton’s life around forever. Barbara had planned 3 days of skiing in the Colorado mountains with her family... or so she thought.

Here Barbara was 56 years young, in good health and suddenly found herself in intensive care with a heart attack. This would be the first of two heart attacks she would experience in the same month. Barbara did not have a typical heart attack but a Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD) heart attack, an emergency condition that occurs when a tear forms in a blood vessel in the heart.

After being released from the hospital, Barbara was told she had to go through cardiac rehab. She eagerly searched for somewhere that would not only get her heart back in shape but also the rest of her body. A good friend of the family had success from their time at Whole Body Fitness, and Barbara was impressed by their results. “I thought I would give it a try and convinced the hubby to go with me, he could use a little shaping up also!” said Barbara.


A Journey Back to Health

And so, Barbara and her husband Greg Overton began their journey back to health. They first met with Natalie their nutritionist and were blown away by the diet program. Barbara loved how encouraging Natalie was and all of the advice she gave along the way. The couple felt that the program was very easy to maneuver through and had everything they needed to keep on track. Greg loved that when he had questions about the different phases, Natalie was there to help him every step of the way. “For me, the plan incorporates the right amount of food intake, so you don’t feel like you’re always hungry,” said Greg.

Next, Barbara and Greg met with their trainer – Taylor C. “I have never had a personal trainer before, so I was not sure what to expect.” mentioned Barbara. Waking up at 4 am and going to exercise was not Barbara's idea of fun, let alone convincing her husband to get on board. Barbara soon became inspired by how Taylor went above and beyond to help her get where she is today. He convinced her that you are never “too old” to get in shape. “He is always concerned about my heart and not overdoing it. He is always telling me to do what I can but also pushing me at the same time. I absolutely love working with Taylor C!”

The couple also really enjoyed the group of people that they worked out with, and how the program was more personalized due to the size of the group.

“The best part about this program is getting a whole new wardrobe and the double take from people when they see my results! I even had one person ask me if I was terminally ill because of my weight loss! Love it!” – Barbara Overton


The Goals

Barbara is a manager at a very fast-paced processing facility that has a lot of ups and downs, and at times is a very stressful job. This program has helped her focus more on her health and realize that being healthy and taking care of herself will help her manage her everyday life much better. “I have a better attitude and as my kids put it. I have learned to just relax and take time for me,” says Barbara.

Greg is an Almond Farmer, and like all Farmers, he is up very early. He loved how the 5:30 am class gets your body ramped up for the day's job ahead. “I had seen first hand at how successful the program worked for two family friends. My goal of reducing body fat, and increasing mobility have come true not like other programs I have tried,” says Greg.

“I have recommended this program to my brother and his wife. In fact the whole family is now going to WBF and the MetPro program!” – Greg Overton


The Challenges

For Barbara, the most challenging part of this program was sticking to it. “I have to say my wife made me do this class with her! Without my support, she would not have done this program. She is famous for starting something and not finishing it.” says Greg.

Barbara can’t thank her husband enough for being her driving force in all of this.


The Results

Today, Barbara has lost a total of 20 lbs and feels great! “I would and have recommended this program to family and friends as now most of Greg’s family is in the program today. They have seen the awesome results that Greg and I have accomplished and now know that they can also get there! Family and friends are amazed at how better we look and feel!” exclaims Barbara.

For Greg, he has lost a total of 37 lbs, has increased his flexibility and also feels great!

“Working with Taylor C our trainer is great. He is so informative. He helps you with solutions to correct problems in your posture or old injuries that I had acquired. He makes the class fun and challenging at the same time, while you rediscover those lost muscle groups.” explains Greg.

We are so proud of Greg and Barbara's success, and can't wait to see them continue to work toward a healthier lifestyle! Keep up the good work Greg and Barbara!


Client Success: Matt and Kelly Hock

We love hearing our client’s success stories. We recently had the opportunity to visit with Matt and Kelly Hock who have been with us since August 2015. Both have made amazing transformations!

When asked why they chose Whole Body Fitness they had this to say:

“We really liked the approach of having our posture analyzed and having a trainer work closely with us giving us feedback and correcting our movements.  Also the nutrition plan was something we were looking for.  We ate healthy before but understanding portion and how the metabolism works was something that was fascinating to us and to see our bodies respond in a positive way helped us have confidence that the decision was the right one.”

Matt’s goal was to lose 20-25lbs and Kelly wanted to tone up and change her overall composition. The results: Matt was able to lose 30lbs and is now the weight he was in college. Kelly was able to tone up and both are very pleased with the results.

Matt enjoyed working with his coach Kevin. “Whenever I worked out before my back/hips would flare up and cause pain.  This would limit my workouts and I would quit because of the pain and try to figure out by myself what was going on.  Kevin was quick to assess my limitations and ailments and taught me how my body and muscles work.  Through the use of lacrosse balls, blocks and exercises I had tools to work on at home when my back/hips would flare up.  What I treated as skeletal issues (and it didn't work), Kevin treated with pinpoint accuracy with exercises and we have had great success.”

Kelly really enjoyed her coach, Joel, loving the custom programs he was able to put together to help her reach her goals.

Both also followed our signature nutrition program, MetPro, and attribute their success to having this tool along with the exercise:

“Having our workouts coincide with our training was a plus but our favorite part was that we had something to do together.  We are busy people and lunches are usually out and about or in meetings.  With MetPro we were able to cook together on Sunday and Wednesdays and pack those lunches to eat during the week.  Being disciplined with our food carried over to being disciplined in other areas of our life, that was an added bonus we didn't anticipate.”

Matt is the Area Director for Young Life in Butte County and Kelly is the Owner of North Bloom Floral Design Studio.  “Incorporating MetPro into our daily life was easy as we packed lunches or, if we needed to be away at a Conference, we brought snacks that could get us through our snack time. We knew how much food to eat at the meals because we had been diligent about weighing our food and we had a good idea how much a portion should be.”

Both found that having the support of another person while on the program attributed to their success.  Matt set the goal of getting below 200lbs and was able to do this and maintain his new weight with the help of his MetPro coach and regular workouts.

When asked if they would recommend this program to their friends and family they had this to say:

“Yes! It works and it isn't some crazy cleanse that isn't realistic of long lasting.  There is no reason why we can't stay on MetPro the rest of our life. “

Are you ready to make a change? Give us a call today and schedule your free consultation!