My Whole Body Fitness Story: Trevor Leavell

If you push yourself, you start to see results—and then that pushes you further.

Trevor Leavell proves that fitness has no age requirement. The 17-year-old struggled with his weight throughout high school until deciding he needed a change. Last spring, his outlook began to shift: rather than assume that he would have time to correct his health in the coming years, he realized that his future might suffer from his unhealthy habits. “If I didn’t do it now, I’d be overweight for the rest of my life,” he thought. “There’s so much free time in high school; might as well utilize it.” And he has used his time wisely. Since Trevor turned to Whole Body Fitness for help, he has shed more than 45 pounds. Each day his goals continue to grow with confidence.

A Journey to Better Health

Before Trevor joined Whole Body Fitness, he was no stranger to weight loss tactics. “I exercised and went on diets before, but I never stuck with it,” he admits. He had played baseball when he was younger, but by high school, his insecurities kept him from staying active through sports—a vicious cycle that many people know well. When the teen decided to challenge himself one more time, he went all in. He began exercising daily, tracking his calorie intake, and eliminating unhealthy foods from his diet. Trevor did practically everything right—but after a few months, he noticed himself slowing down. “I figured I needed a change,” he says. “I didn’t have the willpower to push myself.”

That’s when he looked to Whole Body Fitness. Our personalized approach to health and fitness provided the structure and guidance that Trevor needed for lasting success. “Without their support, I honestly don’t think I would have made it this far,” he says. Not only did we aid Trevor with customized nutrition goals, but we also motivated him with judgment-free exercise classes that eliminated the self-consciousness that once restrained him. “When you’re at the gym, everyone is there to better themselves,” he realized. “I wish I had known that.”

Support and Perseverance

Our supportive environment helped Trevor recognize health as an ongoing lifestyle that extends beyond the gym. Like many people, Trevor admits to eating more when bored or out with friends, but with our nutrition program he has recognized the value of eating to fuel his body for energy, rather than unconscious or emotional eating. “[My trainer] Kevin told me that nutrition determines how much you weigh, and working out determines how it looks on you,” he says. While unhealthy foods aren’t out of the question, Trevor has found that success lies in dedication, moderation—and sometimes in friendship. Breaking free of junk food-filled afternoons, Trevor now pushes his friends outdoors so that health becomes a shared activity. And with new friends by his side, Trevor actually looks forward to working out.

Though he struggled in his first few weeks, he insists that determination pays off: “If you push yourself, you start to see results—and then that pushes you further.” With more energy and confidence than ever before, Trevor finds signs of his accomplishments every day. From being more comfortable when socializing to new physical developments. “I was pretty shy before,” he says, “but this gave me more confidence and social skills.”

A True Lifestyle Change

Setting his sights on a summer six-pack, Trevor proves his commitment to his lifestyle change every day, and he encourages others to do the same by ignoring the “mental barriers” that are holding them back. “I learned about my limits and how to push past what I thought I could do,” he says. The knowledge that Trevor learned from Whole Body Fitness are lessons that he will use for the rest of his life.