My Whole Body Fitness Story: Shila Gramps

When Shila Gramps entered Whole Body Fitness eight months ago, she had been dieting most of her life. The mother of three remembers counting calories when she was just eight years old— “I lost weight and gained weight so many times it was ridiculous,” she admits. After years of failed crash diets and self-taught exercises, Shila wanted to get healthy the right way. She joined Whole Body Fitness to learn how to take care of her body through healthy and sustainable practices.

Starting is the Hardest Part

Though she states repeatedly that “starting is the hardest part,” Shila’s progress has required an incredible amount of determination. She attends Whole Body’s group exercise classes up to four times a week while balancing work and her children’s school schedules at the same time. She also meets weekly with Kalyn Burnell, Whole Body’s registered dietitian, to check in on her progress and make adjustments to her diet as needed.

During Shila’s first nutrition consultation, she and Kalyn looked at Shila’s eating and exercise habits and then constructed a diet strategy that fit Shila’s specific dietary needs and goals. “We are in constant communication with our clients to make sure they are feeling well and progressing at the rate they should,” states Kalyn. Whether the client’s goal is weight loss or building muscle, Whole Body’s staff is there to guide them every step of the way. “Shila’s progress has been so fun to see!” exclaims Kalyn. “She has made this a complete lifestyle change and has an amazing transformation.”

Committed to Healthy Living

And Shila agrees. She showed her commitment to healthy living just after joining when she deliberately purchased a three-sizes-too-small bridesmaid’s dress for a friend’s wedding. Though the sales clerk was skeptical and Shila’s young daughter told her it wouldn’t fit, Shila believed in herself. With only three months to change her lifestyle, Shila started to exercise regularly, cooked healthy large-batch meals for her family, and eliminated fast food from her diet. When the wedding came, Shila’s daughter was able to zip her into the bridesmaid dress.

It’s moments like this that demonstrate the importance of leading by example when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Since this significant accomplishment, Shila’s daughter joined her mom’s fitness classes and now loves completing the workouts with her mom by her side. Meanwhile, Shila catches her son eyeing her nutritious meals and sneaking green beans off her plate when he thinks she’s not looking.

There is Power is in The Results

Aside from the compliments that often accompany weight loss (which Shila writes down for future motivation—she approximates more than 100 so far), she remarks that her fitness journey has altered much more than her physical appearance. “Whenever I think about it, seven months ago I was so miserable,” she says. But now, “waking up is easier; going to bed is easier,” and she is treating her body right. Shila’s change didn’t happen overnight, she worked hard for it and that makes the results even more powerful.