7 Survival Secrets for Summertime Shindigs

Summertime is the perfect season to get together with friends and family. Living your best life means participating in the things that make your heart sing without sacrificing your health. From traveling, dining al fresco, or celebrating with friends and family, you want to be conscious and prepared for when you are without your MetPro-approved meals.

Here are 7 quick tips to help you navigate summer shindigs:

  1. Buns are nice in swimsuits… but lettuce wraps are better for burgers.
  2. Reach for veggie sticks instead of potato chips
  3. Have unsweetened iced teas or water instead of Soda pop
  4. Watermelon = sugar juice. Pick berries.
  5. Heavy salad dressing and dips are for steakhouses. Get outside and use olive oil, lemon and vinaigrette's on salads
  6. Have your frozen plain Greek yogurt with berries in it, and eat it to.
  7. Go green. Smoothies are more colorful than milkshakes anyway.