Sweating for the Wedding: 5 Strength Exercises to Get You Wedding Ready

5 Strength Exercises to Get You Wedding Dress Ready

Now that you’re engaged and the wedding planning is in full swing, more than ever it's important that you maintain your health. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or just feel your best on your wedding day, we have comprised a guide of 5 basic strength exercises to help get you and your fiancé get wedding ready!

Similar to the wedding planning process, deciding on a weight loss strategy to prepare for your wedding day can be overwhelming. We find that a combination of a clean and nutritious diet paired with incorporating five simple moves – plank, pull, squat, push, lunge – into your workout plan is a great start to working your entire body effectively.

1. Plank

Whole Body Fitness plank

A plank is a ramrod straight top-of-a-pushup position, usually done on your elbows and held for time. Think you’re straight enough? Get in front of a mirror and you’ll see your hips are too high. Now squeeze your belly and hold it. 30 seconds too easy? Try it with one leg lifted. Still easy? Lift the opposite arm as well.

2. Pull

Whole Body Fitness Pull

A pull is a move where you take hold of something and pull it towards your chest or abdomen: a row. A pull-down, a pull-up or chin-up. Often neglected, these moves — especially row variations — are a major key to improving posture and keeping your upper body strong.

3. Squat

Whole Body Fitness Squat

A squat is a squat is a squat. Gym class-style, bodyweight only, is fine. Just make sure you drop down to a point where the tops of your thighs are parallel with the floor. Do it holding two dumbbells. Do it with a jump at the top. Then with a barbell on your shoulders, in front or behind your head. Good form is imperative.

4. Push

Whole Body Fitness Press

A push is anything where you... wait for it... push something away from you! Take two dumbbells overhead or one barbell while lying on your back — aka the bench press. Or the ultra-beneficial pushup. Can't do a full push-up yet? Start with modified push-ups on your knees and work your way up.

5. Lunge

Whole Body Fitness Lunge

A lunge is a lot like a squat, only your feet are in a staggered position, one in front of the other. Do them walking, or with your feet planted, or holding light dumbbells. Don’t let your front knee buckle inward. Keep your form tight.

Adding these 5 simple moves into your weekly workouts will help you get wedding dress ready in no time. If you are looking for more assistance and want the whole package – workouts, nutrition, and a support team cheering you on – let us know. We will be there to help you look and feel your best before your walk down the aisle!