Toes to Nose

At Whole Body Fitness we do things differently. We literally train your whole body in ways that may seem simple to the untrained eye. In this article I am going to use an exercise that seems SO SIMPLE and yet is crucially important to training your entire body from where the rubber meets the road. Today I want to look at foot and ankle care through the “Ankle Circle”.

A staple in the WBF exercise catalog, the Ankle Circle involves dozens of muscles that effect your balance, your ability to walk, your ability to jump, and your ability to travel laterally. For all of you movement nerds out there(like me), the ankle circle effects the Posterior Chain of muscles that starts on the underside of your big toe and ends at the base of your skull.

Did you know that the muscles on the bottom of your foot can effect your lower spine? Did you know that the muscles on the front of your shin can effect your hip? Here comes your favorite existential quote- “It’s all connected!”.

By making sure that we warm up, challenge, and integrate the muscles around your ankles, we are literally training you from Toes to Nose. Can you say that about your current exercise program? If not, come check out how and why we do things differently here at Whole Body Fitness. If so, focus on the slow, smooth circle of your ankle and be grateful that you have the awareness it takes to keep all of the connected areas of your body working harmoniously towards efficient, pain free movement. Now, go do some ankle circles!