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Mikayla Poli: Assistant Trainer

Mikayla has worked at Whole Body Fitness since 2014. She developed her career in personal training right here at Whole Body Fitness, tailoring her training techniques to what we specialize in. She originally started with us as an assistant trainer in order to gain as much knowledge and education about the WBF approach to training as possible. By witnessing, practicing and applying everything she has learned to the clients she works with, she developed her own personalized training style while incorporating WBF training techniques and principles that she's learned extensively over the years. She worked her way up to the position of a "Floater Trainer," which means that her job is to fill in for other trainers when they are unavailable. Other than fitness, she has a passion for psychology and is currently going to school to become a psychologist. She enjoys getting to know the clients she works with and has a way of building a bond with them based off of trust. She looks forward to working with each and every client who joins our gym, and she's so excited to continue moving up in her personal training career with Whole Body Fitness!