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Matthew Sylvester: Trainer


Matt Sylvester also known as Ricky Irons, grew up in Chico, CA and has one younger sister.  He has been active his whole life, and like many other “chico-ians” it all started with playing soccer as a kid.  Matt started playing soccer at around the age of 5 and continued to play through high school and eventually in junior college.

Matt attended a semester at Santa Barbara City College where he worked as a campus tour guide.  He finished off his GE at Butte College where he was captain of the men’s soccer team. He has also worked as a Landscaper and Served in the US Navy where he lived in Japan for a year and was stationed aboard the USS George Washington.

Matt’s passion for pushing himself really emerged after when he decided to join the Navy in an attempt to become a Navy Seal.   Although he did not become a Navy Seal, he says going through the training was one of the best experiences of his life.  “When you push yourself to a certain point, you learn a lot about what you’re really made of”.   Matt has been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit and his favorite places are London, Hawaii and Australia.

Matt continues to push himself after returning from the Navy in 2013.  Before he became a trainer at whole body fitness, he was a client. He worked with Angelo Poli and in may 2014 placed second in the Chico Bodybuilding show, another defining moment in his life.

If you know Matt, you know he’s full of positive energy and fun to be around.  He enjoys working with people, watching movies and his top-secret passion is playing video games.


ISSA certified personal trainer.