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Joel Singer: Trainer

Joel has always had a love for a wide variety of sports and outdoor activities; this passion led him to Humboldt State University to play Division II soccer and study Exercise Physiology.  Upon completing his degree Joel spent time working as a trainer before moving to Chico where he earned a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology.  During his time at CSU Chico he had the opportunity to teach a variety of undergraduate course as well as manage the exercise physiology lab.  He also took time to provide nutritional seminars at Enloe hospital; these seminars emphasized nutrition for life long longevity and wellness.

It wasn't long before his interest in health and wellness took him abroad where he was able to provide health education in a variety of settings. Working with diverse cultures in a myriad of countries has provided insight into the physiology and psychology of health and wellness; this insight has proven useful again and again as Joel works with a wide range of clients all of whom have different backgrounds, body types, ages and goals.
Upon his return to Butte County, Joel was introduced to Whole Body Fitness and has found it to be the ideal place to share his passion and experience.  Joel is excited to work in an environment where he can encourage people to make life long, transnational, changes that lead to greater health and wellness.

Master's in Exercise Physiology