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Brent Farris: Trainer

Brent Farris is the owner of Elevate Strength Endurance and Flexibility Studio. He is a certified trainer in several disciplines, including kettlebells, Spinning, and personal training. Brent has been coaching since 1988, developing a strong knowledge base within multiple sports.  He began training with kettlebells in 2006, creating the kettlebell program at In Motion Fitness.  In 2008, he started Elevate Strength Endurance and Flexibility, focusing most of his group classes on kettlebell training, working under both the knowledge and experience that the kettlebell is a highly effective modality for rapid gains in functional strength, power, endurance, coordination, flexibility, and body composition. Brent continues to grow in his profession through multi-discipline training under some of the world’s best strength and wellness coaches, such as Josh Rubin of East-West Healing and Angelo Poli of Whole Body Fitness.

Brent has been an athlete his entire life. He has played a number of team sports including water polo, football, tennis, and baseball. He surfed North County San Diego for much of his youth and into his 20s. Starting as an age-group swimmer, he won the Metropolitan Conference for Questa College and the 100- and 200-yard breast stroke.  He swam for the Chico State swim team, making All-American and holding All-American standings, including the team placing third in the nation. He has coached several swim teams, including Chico State, Paradise Piranhas, Durham Dolphins, and Chico Aquajets. In addition to swimming, he also found a place for himself in mountain bike racing, placing top five in numerous events such as NORBA Nationals in Mammoth(National Off-Road Bicycle Association), which then led into triathlons, in which he also placed top five in many events, most notably a 4th and 5th for his age group in the Wildflower Triathlon a top triathlon in the state of California.

Though originally an art major, he also took classes in nutrition, exercise, and physiology, to satisfy his curiosity and passion for how the body functions and works as a whole within various sports. Brent brings his unique perspective as an athlete/artist to all his training and coaching. He says, “I train and work out because I have to. It’s balancing to my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. I believe that our bodies are a gift. We live better, we serve better, we love others better, when we honor that gift. Our bodies are capable of doing so much more when fit and whole. Fitness increases your ability to be fully available to so many things in life, and helps relieve stress in a world that is becoming increasingly stressful.” Given his perspective, Brent appreciates the unique beauty in every body, in all the wonderful variety of sizes and shapes that they come in. “Whether you’re blessed with the framework of an ectomorph, mesomorph, or endomorph, all are a blank canvas or chunk of marble that you can shape and mold to the most ideal form your genetics will allow. With an appreciation for aesthetics, my work as a trainer is not a job; it’s a fun adventure.” Brent finds great satisfaction in seeing people get fit and healthy – not only their initial accomplishments, but showing up day after day. It’s one of the biggest inspirations of his life.