Client Stories

We're proud of our clients. Here's a few of them.

lost 100 lbs

“I’ve built my career on embracing and enacting change, yet I couldn’t seem to adopt change myself.” “I never thought I could be in the best shape of my life, but guess what? I am! I’ve never felt or looked better.”


Getting stronger

Gail Cafferata started training with us 2 years ago. She also has arthritis. After 2 knee surgeries, she continues to get stronger every day. She loves how everyone at Whole Body Fitness helps out with training her.

Gail C. - Education

Lost 61 lbs in 5 months

Jill made her health her number one priority and it shows. She was unhappy with herself and needed to make some changes. Now Jill feels good and has more energy and is now achieving fitness goals.


metpro athlete

Layshia Clarendon uses the Whole Body Fitness nutrition program METPRO to elevate her game. The nutritionist tells her what to eat and when, something no other nutrition program has done before.

Layshia Clarendon - WNBA Point Guard

Lost a combined 90+ lbs

Ed and Pat lost a combined 90lbs over 8 months with MetPro, they continue to enjoy retirement with more energy than ever!



aaron rodgers

Poli's methods of metabolic profiling were featured in the cover story "The Mind Game Of Aaron Rodgers".

Aaron Rodgers -NFL Quarterback