Weight Loss

Couple Gets Wedding Ready

We started training at WBF on June 14th, 2016 in preparation for our wedding on October 8th, 2016. We chose WBF because we had family and friends who had used WBF and MetPro prior with strong results and much success.  We were also intrigued by the MetPro process and knew that our biggest challenge has always been the diet aspect of body transformations.

We wanted to be in our best possible shape for our wedding and honeymoon on the beaches of Maui (we wanted to be bathing suit ready!).  Our goals started with a focus on weight loss.  Initially we targeted sustained weight loss of 10-15lbs each.  After a while our goals changed to more of a "learn to maintain healthy eating habits and continue exercising... and the weight loss will occur subsequently."  Matt has lost 20lbs and Taylor has lost 14lbs!

We would absolutely recommend MetPro and WBF to friends and family.  We'd also recommend couples do the program together.  It's much easier to adapt to a healthier lifestyle together.  It's challenging at first, but you're given all the necessary tools needed to improve your health and physique.  The WBF classes are very enjoyable and the coaches are wonderful.  It's a social experience too; you'll look forward to seeing your coaches and classmates at the daily workouts.

Mandy B. Lost 30lbs. In 3 Months

I joined Whole Body Fitness June 9, 2016 with a starting weight of 229.4, the highest I have ever been. I chose WBF because I had friends at work who received amazing results. They were already in shape and meeting their goals to get lean and gain strength. They succeeded because they were determined and followed the diet to a T. If I was to get the same results, knowing it would obviously take me more time, I knew I would be held accountable with MetPro. 

When I joined Whole Body Fitness, I had to check-in with my dietician Kalyn and as I started seeing the numbers go down consistently I was hooked! MetPro has made it very easy and I love how the app keeps track of everything; I love having the visual of the graph. Meal prep is a must!  I will meal prep all meals for 5 days. Being so busy, it is nice to know my food is ready to eat which gives me great peace of mind. I get amazing support from family at home, who have also made changes by eating the same meals I do.  (Side note: Mandy had her initial consult on a Wednesday night, went to the store got her food, and sent us her meal prep photo that same night then had her first workout the next day!)  

My favorite part of working with my trainer Crystal is that she's always in a great mood, even at 5:30am! Her 25 lbs is my 10 lbs! She pushes me in ways I know that on my own I would not do.  The most challenging part of training would be waking up early as I am a busy Mama of 2 and up a lot during the night with my 10 month old. My husband works out of town 10 months out of the year and I work full time. Hard work is a part of my life and I apply it to everything I do, including this journey! 

Hard work and dedication, very simple. I looked back on my calendar, at my 5 week mark I was down 18lbs. At 3 months I lost a total of 30.4. I feel so great and my body is starting to change where muscle definition is starting to show! Yipee!! My goal is to now hit 60 lbs down at 6 months. I feel pretty unstoppable at this point! I'm so happy with my decision to join Whole Body Fitness it's been an amazing journey so far.  

Shila Lost 40 Lbs at Whole Body Fitness

When I decided to sign up for WBF back in 2014 it was because I was determined to get in shape once and for all. I was getting ready to turn 30 and I wanted to celebrate with a huge party. I was tired of struggling with my weight and trying all the quick fixes and fad diets. I wanted to learn how to lose the weight the right way without starving and busting my butt for hours at a time on a treadmill. I ended up losing 25 pounds and gaining so much confidence. I loved the way my body was transforming!!!! Fast forward to after my big party and life got in the way. My new healthy eating habits started to slip and I slowly stopped coming to classes everyday.  I gained my weight back and I hated the way I looked and felt once again.  Disappointedin myself I knew there was only one option for me and it was to go back to where I felt the most inspired and motivated and that was at Whole Body Fitness!
        I returned to WBF on May 25th 2016 because this was something I knew I could do. I've lost 41 pounds so far and feel amazing! The classes are fun and effective, the trainers are amazing and everyone is super supportive. I absolutely love everything about this place. All the support you get with your diet and exercise helps you stay on track and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. They don't just give you the tools you need to reach your goals, they work along side you to make sure that you reach them.  Metpro is a program unlike any other. It teaches you the right way to fuel your body and how important it is to keep your metabolism burning at top speed. It's not just another fad diet it's a total lifestyle change. I commute 40 minutes every morning without hesitation to be a part of this amazing gym. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone that needs to get in shape and wants to feel better about themselves. Hands down the best investment I've ever made in myself was signing up to be a part of Whole Body Fitness!!!

New Mom See's Results at Whole Body Fitness


I started WBF with the Metpro diet on June 3rd 2016. I had my first son April 15th 2016. 6 weeks after giving birth and cleared by my doctor, I wanted to eat more healthy and try to get down to my pre pregnancy weight. I was able to meet that goal in a little over 3 months. I lost 19 pounds since joining WBF and a total of 36 pounds after having my son.

My goal was to get to 130 pounds and I was able to successfully do so with the combination of exercise and following the Metpro Diet.

Since I am breastfeeding,  I was a little nervous about decreasing my calories because I was afraid it would affect my milk supply. My nutrition coach has been so amazing through the whole process.  She would ask not only how I was doing, but how my son was doing as well. Because I was eating betterand more frequently with portion control my milk supply never decreased while dieting.

I would highly recommended Metpro and WBF to anybody who wants to see a transformation in themselves.  WBF focuses on transformation and Ilearned that the diet is so important encorporated with exercise.  My personal trainer was amazing and I can not thank WBF for helping me reach my goals. I will continue to make this a lifestyle change and am forever greatful. Thank you WBF.

Lance D. 20lb Weight Loss Transformation

I started with WBF on June 3rd 2016.  I chose WBF because I wanted to lose weight and have a body transformation, and I have been continually amazed with the results!  I lost more weight faster than I could have imagined and the heart burn and indigestion had vanished!! I lost over 20lbs in 60 days! It was slightly challenging sticking to the diet plan the first week or so but it became easy very quickly. Working with my trainer was the best part for me because he was able to reprogram me and my workouts  in a way I couldn't do on my own. I definitely would recommend WBF to anyone that feels they want a change and have seen stubborn results on their own.  My family and I will continue to practice what we have learned from WBF in our daily lives.