Shila Lost 40 Lbs at Whole Body Fitness

When I decided to sign up for WBF back in 2014 it was because I was determined to get in shape once and for all. I was getting ready to turn 30 and I wanted to celebrate with a huge party. I was tired of struggling with my weight and trying all the quick fixes and fad diets. I wanted to learn how to lose the weight the right way without starving and busting my butt for hours at a time on a treadmill. I ended up losing 25 pounds and gaining so much confidence. I loved the way my body was transforming!!!! Fast forward to after my big party and life got in the way. My new healthy eating habits started to slip and I slowly stopped coming to classes everyday.  I gained my weight back and I hated the way I looked and felt once again.  Disappointedin myself I knew there was only one option for me and it was to go back to where I felt the most inspired and motivated and that was at Whole Body Fitness!
        I returned to WBF on May 25th 2016 because this was something I knew I could do. I've lost 41 pounds so far and feel amazing! The classes are fun and effective, the trainers are amazing and everyone is super supportive. I absolutely love everything about this place. All the support you get with your diet and exercise helps you stay on track and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. They don't just give you the tools you need to reach your goals, they work along side you to make sure that you reach them.  Metpro is a program unlike any other. It teaches you the right way to fuel your body and how important it is to keep your metabolism burning at top speed. It's not just another fad diet it's a total lifestyle change. I commute 40 minutes every morning without hesitation to be a part of this amazing gym. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone that needs to get in shape and wants to feel better about themselves. Hands down the best investment I've ever made in myself was signing up to be a part of Whole Body Fitness!!!

Kathy's MetPro Success Story

My name is Kathy and this is my MetPro story. I was thin most of my adult life, but after ago 60 I noticed the pounds came on easier, and I was going up in clothing size. I did not want to write this as so many people I know never saw me at my heaviest, and it is rather embarrassing for me to show the before picture. However, if I can motivate one person to try MetPro, I will do it. I am proud of myself for losing nearly 40 lbs, and keeping it off for over a year now.

My daughter and son-in-law suggested MetPro, as so many others, including them, had great success with the program. I realized my biggest hurdle was overcoming my addiction to sugar and bread carbs. I ate them all day, every day, and needed to get off that wagon to be successful. When I started MetPro I weighed 155lbs (yikes).

My kids and husband were great inspirations to me, and it was really quite painless to follow the meal choices my profile indicated. Once I started MetPro, I was never hungry, and lost several pounds a week. No special food to buy, and all I needed was a food scale to measure portions. I had avoided weighing myself for years. Even at the doctor’s office I asked them not to tell me what I weighed so I wouldn’t feel as heavy. Really? The scale is your friend, and you need to weigh yourself daily to monitor progress and yell “yeah” when more pounds have been shed. The weekly check ins with my nutrition coach helped me tweak my diet when weight loss slowed. When I reached my goal weight, I decided I wanted to go further and lost another ten pounds. It is a great feeling to step on the scale and see that magic number you strived for.

I joined a gym and between that and MetPro I lost the weight in six months. My husband also lost weight by just eating what I did in larger portions. I feel great, and think I look pretty good for an old gal nearing seventy.

Please investigate MetPro for yourself. I can’t imagine where I would be if I had not chosen MetPro. I know I have added years to my life, my husband, too. And buying new clothes in size 6 instead of 14 is so much fun.

Thank you for changing my life MetPro.

David V. MetPro Transformation

Words From David “When I first started on my journey, I weighed in at 351lbs. While I lost a fair amount of weight over the past few years, I never found any real consistency and often experienced the dreaded “yo-yo” effect of dieting. I came to the realization that dieting just doesn’t work. Metpro is very different. It’s an adaptive nutrition plan coupled with a prescriptive set of targeted workouts that gave me immediate results. A simple to follow approach that I could integrate into my busy lifestyle, to make a true change in my health and fitness level. Like all lifestyle changes, it requires some discipline, but with Metpro, I found an easy way to realize and sustain my health and fitness goals."

David already started his journey towards a healthier life and wanted science to help him take it to the next level. Once he had the science and training in place he was able to reach his goals. David has been on the MetPro system for over a year and he is still seeing results. He is a true inspiration to his entire coaching team.

David C. MetPro Transformation

Transformation : Six Months

Age: 39
Before: 213 lbs  |  After: 183 lbs

David came to us looking to learn about nutrition, he had tried a lot of diets previously... he found that MetPro fit into his lifestyle really easily, we had foods he loved and he never felt deprived, because he always felt he was getting enough! ... He feels stronger and looks the best he has in years... he initially set his weight loss goal at 195, he is now 183.

Tye MetPro Transformation

Age: 44
Before: 187 lbs  |  After: 180 lbs

Tye is 44 years old, he is 5'10 and his starting weight was 187. His weight now is only down to 180, but his body comp is transforming! He and his wife are cross-fitters, and he workouts out about 4x a week. He came to us really frustrated with his body and not seeing a change in it after many years of doing crossfit. He also, has had "back fat" and lower abdomen fat since he was a kid that he has never been able to get rid of... he is seeing the change and is committed to seeing this through!