Zach B. MetPro Transformation

"Diet has always been my weakness as I'm sure it is for a lot of people. Angelo's program breaks everything down in a super simple format making it incredibly easy to follow. Over the past 4 months he's educated me on how & when to eat properly. I'm at the point now where I can maintain this diet for the rest of my life. Oh yeah, I'm also in the best shape of my life and recently placed in a CrossFit competition as a result. Couldn't have done it without MetPro."

David C. MetPro Transformation

Transformation : Six Months

Age: 39
Before: 213 lbs  |  After: 183 lbs

David came to us looking to learn about nutrition, he had tried a lot of diets previously... he found that MetPro fit into his lifestyle really easily, we had foods he loved and he never felt deprived, because he always felt he was getting enough! ... He feels stronger and looks the best he has in years... he initially set his weight loss goal at 195, he is now 183.

Tye MetPro Transformation

Age: 44
Before: 187 lbs  |  After: 180 lbs

Tye is 44 years old, he is 5'10 and his starting weight was 187. His weight now is only down to 180, but his body comp is transforming! He and his wife are cross-fitters, and he workouts out about 4x a week. He came to us really frustrated with his body and not seeing a change in it after many years of doing crossfit. He also, has had "back fat" and lower abdomen fat since he was a kid that he has never been able to get rid of... he is seeing the change and is committed to seeing this through! 

Dave G. 2 Month MetPro Transformation

Transformation : Two Months
Lost: 20lbs

Dave wanted a 6 pack! He also want to be able to keep up on the BMX bike with his kids! He has lost 20lbs and totally transformed his body composition.

Words from Dave "Angelo and his team are amazing. I knew there was a formula for my body and they nailed it right out of the gate. We have turned this into a family transition time. Everyone in the house has enjoyed and benefited from the new eating habits and workouts. The energy in the house has shifted drastically. Everybody’s confidence is sky high. My weekend warrior BMX sessions have turned into invites to ride with the pros."