9 Month Transformation

Dan K. Inspirational Story

I joined Whole Body Fitness 9 months ago after spending several months failing to make the much needed adjustments to my life to get my health and weight under control.  I struggled to make the right decisions and integrate good choices and regular exercise into my busy schedule.  It was becoming clear I wasn't going to do it on my own.  Joining a regular gym still required I actually show up and exercise while eating healthy meant I had to keep myself accountable.  Around this time, I started seeing success stories from former coworkers who've made some serious changes to their body, nutrition, and overall health with Whole Body Fitness.  After so making no progress and my weight topping 270 I knew I wasn't going to do it on my own.  I was driving past Whole Body Fitness on my way out of town and vowed I'd stop in on my return, having run out of excuses.

Flash forward two weeks and I've had my consultation, signed up, gone through the MetPro on-boarding and have somehow managed to make it through a very rough week of early morning workouts with my trainer Matt and apologizing to my nutritionist Natalie for failing to plan my meals.  I learned very early on that meal prep is incredibly important to succeed on the MetPro system.  Eating 6 meals a day requires some real consideration on its own, let alone when trying to coordinate around all the daily nonsense any given work day will throw at you.  Using my Sunday evenings to make all my food for the week and packaging it up so I could walk out the door with my meals ready to go became part of my routine and ultimately my success.

With my ability to stick with my meal plan under control and workouts integrated into my regular weekly routine I started making progress very quickly.  Coupled with the fantastic support of Natalie, Matt, and the rest of the incredibly supportive Whole Body Fitness staff, providing me the much needed accountability and positive praise on my progress, I've been able to stick with the MetPro program and regular training for 9 straight months.

After 9 months of committed effort, I've lost over 70 pounds and feel I've transformed my lifestyle so that it would be difficult to backslide.  I love waking up and going to my workouts, attending group classes when my schedule allows, and have found all the right foods that makes eating on plan really easy, and often quite delicious too.  But my weight is just a number on a scale and the transformations to my body are far more important than a number.  My shoulder, neck, back, and knee pain that usually plague my life have virtually vanished.  I'm able to cycle longer distances at higher pace without serious fatigue.  I'm able to skate with more control vastly improving my fun and effectiveness in hockey.  And I'm finally able to consider playing soccer again without worrying about hurting myself or causing long-term damage to my joints.

And as happy as I am with my success, I'm not done yet.  My goal of losing weight is nearly complete, but I still have a lot of work and progress to go.  I still have more pounds to lose, but I know those will come with continued adherence to MetPro and regular exercise.  I'm shifting soon from dropping pounds to changing body composition and making improvements to my athletic skills.  I want to start training for century cycling rides which will require an adjustment to my eating habits as well as pushing my cardio and endurance further.  I want to continue honing my hockey and soccer skills requiring improvement to my agility and balance.

I first walked into Whole Body Fitness hoping to find accountability to allow me to lose weight.  What it has done in reality is far more important to me.  I've been given the knowledge and discipline to make healthy life choices for myself.  I'm able to have the active lifestyle I've missed for so many years.  And amazingly, although it pains me to admit it, I no longer miss donuts.  I look forward to seeing what the next 9 months has in store for me.