5 Month Transformation

Tim T. 4.5 Month MetPro Transformation

Transformation : 4.5 Months
Lost: 45lbs

Tim came to us wanting to "get" in shape and learn how to eat, not just crash diet. Tim has lost 45lbs in 4.5 months and is learning how to eat right for his body and activity level! Meal prep has been his biggest challenge, but after creating his routine he has no problem create delicious MetPro approved meals.

Jill M. 61lb 5 Month Transformation

Jill came to us with chronic neck issues, so debilitating the pain (and avoidance of pain and injury) had a very prominent effect on her daily life. After working with us for a couple months, the improvement she felt was undeniable- and we're so happy she can now live her life the way it's meant to be lived!