2 Month Transformation

Dave G. 2 Month MetPro Transformation

Transformation : Two Months
Lost: 20lbs

Dave wanted a 6 pack! He also want to be able to keep up on the BMX bike with his kids! He has lost 20lbs and totally transformed his body composition.

Words from Dave "Angelo and his team are amazing. I knew there was a formula for my body and they nailed it right out of the gate. We have turned this into a family transition time. Everyone in the house has enjoyed and benefited from the new eating habits and workouts. The energy in the house has shifted drastically. Everybody’s confidence is sky high. My weekend warrior BMX sessions have turned into invites to ride with the pros."

Randy B. 2 Month MetPro Transformation

Transformation : Two Months
Age: 52
Before: 200 lbs  |  After: 174 lbs

Randy came to us looking to improve his lifestyle and how he felt though out his day. He works long hard hours and always had a hard time figuring out exactly what to eat and when. Randy was a complete transformation! He turned his life around in every way possible using the MetPro System. His diet dramatically improved and with it came the energy to head to the gym each day. Randy used our MetPro exercise combined with the nutrition to transform his body in just a quick 60 days. We are so proud of him and his awesome transformation.