New Mom See's Results at Whole Body Fitness


I started WBF with the Metpro diet on June 3rd 2016. I had my first son April 15th 2016. 6 weeks after giving birth and cleared by my doctor, I wanted to eat more healthy and try to get down to my pre pregnancy weight. I was able to meet that goal in a little over 3 months. I lost 19 pounds since joining WBF and a total of 36 pounds after having my son.

My goal was to get to 130 pounds and I was able to successfully do so with the combination of exercise and following the Metpro Diet.

Since I am breastfeeding,  I was a little nervous about decreasing my calories because I was afraid it would affect my milk supply. My nutrition coach has been so amazing through the whole process.  She would ask not only how I was doing, but how my son was doing as well. Because I was eating betterand more frequently with portion control my milk supply never decreased while dieting.

I would highly recommended Metpro and WBF to anybody who wants to see a transformation in themselves.  WBF focuses on transformation and Ilearned that the diet is so important encorporated with exercise.  My personal trainer was amazing and I can not thank WBF for helping me reach my goals. I will continue to make this a lifestyle change and am forever greatful. Thank you WBF.