Mandy B. Lost 30lbs. In 3 Months

I joined Whole Body Fitness June 9, 2016 with a starting weight of 229.4, the highest I have ever been. I chose WBF because I had friends at work who received amazing results. They were already in shape and meeting their goals to get lean and gain strength. They succeeded because they were determined and followed the diet to a T. If I was to get the same results, knowing it would obviously take me more time, I knew I would be held accountable with MetPro. 

When I joined Whole Body Fitness, I had to check-in with my dietician Kalyn and as I started seeing the numbers go down consistently I was hooked! MetPro has made it very easy and I love how the app keeps track of everything; I love having the visual of the graph. Meal prep is a must!  I will meal prep all meals for 5 days. Being so busy, it is nice to know my food is ready to eat which gives me great peace of mind. I get amazing support from family at home, who have also made changes by eating the same meals I do.  (Side note: Mandy had her initial consult on a Wednesday night, went to the store got her food, and sent us her meal prep photo that same night then had her first workout the next day!)  

My favorite part of working with my trainer Crystal is that she's always in a great mood, even at 5:30am! Her 25 lbs is my 10 lbs! She pushes me in ways I know that on my own I would not do.  The most challenging part of training would be waking up early as I am a busy Mama of 2 and up a lot during the night with my 10 month old. My husband works out of town 10 months out of the year and I work full time. Hard work is a part of my life and I apply it to everything I do, including this journey! 

Hard work and dedication, very simple. I looked back on my calendar, at my 5 week mark I was down 18lbs. At 3 months I lost a total of 30.4. I feel so great and my body is starting to change where muscle definition is starting to show! Yipee!! My goal is to now hit 60 lbs down at 6 months. I feel pretty unstoppable at this point! I'm so happy with my decision to join Whole Body Fitness it's been an amazing journey so far.