Couple Gets Wedding Ready

We started training at WBF on June 14th, 2016 in preparation for our wedding on October 8th, 2016. We chose WBF because we had family and friends who had used WBF and MetPro prior with strong results and much success.  We were also intrigued by the MetPro process and knew that our biggest challenge has always been the diet aspect of body transformations.

We wanted to be in our best possible shape for our wedding and honeymoon on the beaches of Maui (we wanted to be bathing suit ready!).  Our goals started with a focus on weight loss.  Initially we targeted sustained weight loss of 10-15lbs each.  After a while our goals changed to more of a "learn to maintain healthy eating habits and continue exercising... and the weight loss will occur subsequently."  Matt has lost 20lbs and Taylor has lost 14lbs!

We would absolutely recommend MetPro and WBF to friends and family.  We'd also recommend couples do the program together.  It's much easier to adapt to a healthier lifestyle together.  It's challenging at first, but you're given all the necessary tools needed to improve your health and physique.  The WBF classes are very enjoyable and the coaches are wonderful.  It's a social experience too; you'll look forward to seeing your coaches and classmates at the daily workouts.