Drew CrossFit Athlete and Coach Uses MetPro

Drew has been a CrossFit Coach since 2010. At 6'2" and starting the open this year at #235, Drew set the goal of leaning out for the tough workouts ahead. Beginning MetPro 1 week before the open, Drew was able to lose #24 while maintaining his performance training throughout. Learning portion control and meal timing, with the help of his coach, enabled him feel his best in the CrossFit Open this year! We are so proud of Drew!

Layshia Claredon WNBA

MetPro is a Game Changer for Layshia Clarendon WNBA Point Guard for the Indiana Fever.

MetPro is a system that tells her what to eat and when to eat it. The system makes gaining weight and performing at a high level so much easier. It's refreshing to put on positive weight and exciting so see the instant results. The MetPro system changes with you as you grow.

Patrick Carney Football

"While preparing to play professional football MetPro and Whole Body Fitness has been a life changing experience that I will use for the rest of my life. Not only during my career to help me continuously stay in my best performance zone, but beyond my career to help me stay healthy and fit. "

Patrick came to Whole Body Fitness with the goals of leaning out, and conditioning for football. By implementing our signature nutrition program, MetPro, he was able to lose 40lbs! Regular workouts with his trainer, Taylor Polli, have helped him maintain top form for football. Way to go Patrick!